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It was suggested that when one of us has interests sort of in the same creative vein as taking pictures, we post them in a thread.....so, this is open for about any image, along with maybe a short story of the whys and wherefores of the posting.

I love product photography, and this goes with a love of music. Thus, while I have posted some images prior, I will stick up one here showing another hobby, listening to music on pretty good stuff. My image of my latest turntable, a Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon, with a Sumiko Blue Point no. 2 cartridge. This really plays the old LP's with amazing clarity and a huge sound stage.

Pro-Ject_RPM_5_Carbon 02.21.2017_TFL-1

About anything can be on this thread, just so it is in good taste.
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    My hobby is collecting fast transportation:
    More to come in this series :wink:
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    Ironheart said:

    My hobby is collecting fast transportation:

    More to come in this series :wink:

    Haha, my other hobby is very similar to yours... except I have no disposable income.

    My dad is a mechanic, so I'm a gear head by default.

    I pretty much like anything with wings, wheels, rolls or has some sort of internal combustion engine, steam included. :D
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    When not spending gobs of my free time out and about looking for photography subjects, I may be engaged in my other time-sucking hobby - family history. Which also, occasionally, involves use of a camera.

    This is a pic of an interesting stone under a tree at the Hope Cemetery in Galesburg, IL.
    Galesburg, Hope Cemetery - Bender
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    Some may say I have too many hobbies. Even though I work as a network engineer by day, I spend some of my free time working on network designs for fun and learning. Not sure if you can consider that a hobby as it is technically my job. The one hobby that has stuck with me is web programming (hence the screen name). I have been programming for years and still enjoy the challenge and problem solving it brings. I have done programming projects for work, for friends, for myself, etc. In the past year I have entered the world of building electronic circuits as well. Building out LED smart lighting and programming circuits to control the LEDs based on triggers such as temperature, motion, light, etc.

    All of those are mostly indoors, in front of a computer or workbench for hours at a time. Photography I am using as my excuse to get out more. I already have the computer equipment for the hobby and all I needed was the camera. Also works as a good release when a programming project or work is frustrating me. Granted after taking the photos, I end up spending another 2 hours in front of the computer for post-processing / organizing so sometimes I think it is countering my “get out more” argument.

    Oh yeah, I also enjoy running. I do a few half marathon races a year along with a handful of 5k races. It is another way I try to counter act the effects of sitting at a desk all day.
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