Is there a way to change the color combinations/display settings for the Forum

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I have to confess I like the old way the colors were for the NR Forum. It is just easier on my eyes to have a dark background with bright lettering Vs the light background with dark lettering. In some other forums there is a way to change the display options but I have not seen any here, maybe I missed it. Either way I am glad to see people still sharing experinces.


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    I have to confess that I agree with you completely ! The old forum appeared to have been designed by a "money's no object" team of Pros in New York; the new forum looks like it was designed in Peoria by Kindergardeners,

    But it's really not the format; it's the people; although I don't really know any of them, I think the forum has great people, overall. Everyone is different, but for the most part, I think the members here treat one another much better than other forums that I'm familiar with. The oly way to have a good forum is to have good people; I think this forum has a lot of very good people; and another thing; all forums must have moderators; IMHO, NRF is very fortunate in that regard; I'm accustomed to a forum where most of the moderators need to replaced ! I think NRF is fortunate to have who they have; ( it makes a very big difference.) ( again, IMHO )
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    Well I typed a response but I think I included a link so it was not posted. I was looking for a feature that some other forums have for example go to:
    LS1tech dot com
    Then at the top under the BIG LS1 TECH .com symbol look for "forums" and click this, you will now have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (yes its a long way down). On the left hand side you will see something with at drop down box with "--LS1 Tech - Redesign". Use the drop box and click on another Style in the "Quick Style Chooser".

    I wanted to know if NR had a feature similar to this so my eyes didn't bother me after being online for a while.

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    Uh....thats not exactly what I meant. In some forums you can change the default style, usually in the lower left hand corner there is a drop down box for "style" depending on the web site. Hope I don't get in trouble for this but as an example go to the following link:

    At the very bottom, like all the way at the bottom there is a drop down box on the left hand side, normally it will say ..."--LS1tech - Redesign" the drop down box, if you select something else you can have other colors or styles Vs the colors you see when you first go there.

    I like this site and think it has/will help me to get better, I just wanted to know if there is a way to change the "default" colors.
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    I'll disagree. Black on white is far easier to read than vice versa
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    That's OK, you don't have to change it then - scoobysmak is saying he would like the option to change it on his screen locally. If such an option were available I would use it too because I liked the style of the old forum verses the new one but it isn't the end of the world. The lack of a D400 - now that is the end of the world!
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    Always learning.
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    If you're on a Mac, you can get around it by hitting ctrl, option, cmnd and 8 all at the same time. It inverts all your colors on your screen.
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    Come to Colorado in late July and maybe the issues will be discussed.
    Unfortunately I will not be able to make the Colorado meeting or any other meeting in North America any time soon. My vote is for a dark background with light or white lettering. I totally understand people that do not "see it my way" but that is where my vote would be if I could make it.

    Maybe in 2015 I can make an NR "meeting".
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    I will carry your proxy to the meeting...LOL
    Msmoto, mod
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    After several people liking "the old layout" vs the new one and not knowing much of the old layout, I just like to say I find the black background an bright text very difficult to read. If I look to dpreview, I complain about problems reading that way. I prefer bright background (or bright grey) and black text.

    the idea with inverting (on a Mac) leads to very interesting posts in PAD @-)
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    How come this thread is marked as "answered"? Because it's not really.

    So here's a solution for anyone who doesn't want to wait until that meeting is over. I personally don't like the old look, but II took some time off for those who do. Here's what it looks like:


    How to? Simple. Although it might sound a little tricky to the non-web people: You can tell your webbrowser to simply use your own styles, only for a certain website. Since I already did the work, all you need to do is download stuff. It might look complicated, but anyone can do it with this step-by-step guide:

    1. Install the Stylish Plugin for Firefox or for Chrome or for Safari.

    2. Download the CSS (the style modifications) that I created. Since I didn't want to use the forum of that plugin, I put this into a text file, from which you can copy and paste. It's simple, as I explain in the next paragraph. I uploaded a version for Firefox and one for Safari and Chrome to my webspace.

    3. The text should open in your browser directly. Mark all and copy. (If the file doesn't open in your browser directly, open the .txt file with an editor of your choice (it doesn't matter). Mark all text and copy it.)

    4. Go to the NRF Forum with your browser. Then:

    In Firefox:
    • click on the small S button that you should see on the bottom left of your browser window
    • if it's not there, look for it elsewhere in the window :-)
    • choose "Create Style" -> "for"
    • A window will pop up where you can set up a new style
    • In the Name field, choose a cool name, i.e. "NRF Custom"
    • in the main text field, select all, delete (so it's empty), and paste the text that you just copied in step 3.
    • click on "Save"

    In Safari:
    • click on the S button in the symbol bar (if it's not there, restart Safari)
    • click on "Manage"
    • in the panel on the left, click on "Edit"
    • give the style a cool name (i.e. NRF Custom)
    • in the CSS field paste the text you just copied in step 3
    • in the Applies to: field choose "Domain" and enter
    • click "Save Style"

    In Chrome:
    • click on the S button on the top right of the browser window
    • choose "Manage installed styles"
    • In the tab that opens, click on "Write new style"
    • In the big Code field, paste the text you just copied in step 3.
    • in the "applies to" line, click on the button next to it that says "edit" or "specify" or something like that.
    • choose "URLs that begin with" and enter "" in the text field next to it.
    • in the left column, put a cool name for your style in the Name field, i.e. "NRF Custom", and click on Save
    • the style is activated automatically, you can now close the tab

    4. Done.

    Let me know if there are any issues with the styles, I'll correct it. It was a quick-and-dirty work this afternoon.

    No worries:
    It will only modify the appearance of the forums on NRF, not on any other webpage.
    If you don't like it, you can simply deactivate it again.
    It doesn't do anything to your browser, computer or the website. Think of it as a "filter" that you screw onto the forum, which you can remove anytime.

    Hope this makes some people happy.


    ***DISCLAIMER: The files from my webspace are as open as they can be, pure text files. Although I don't know how that would work, I'm not responsible for anything that happens with these files. Windows users should do a virus check on them first, to be sure. Thanks. ***
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    The thread is "answered" because it was apparently posted as a question. Thus each post is an "answer". Semantics....

    Re, the new Stylish for Safari, etc., thanks....

    I have found a Beta version of Stylish for Safari in September 2011. Is this the same program?
    Msmoto, mod
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    @msmoto: Hahaha, it wasn't supposed to be that serious...

    Yes, for Safari, there's only a beta version currently, but it's been updated since September, so you might wanna install the newer version. The Safari version is by a different developer than the original (Firefox / Chrome) one.
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    I admit I posted it as a question, I was experimenting with the features of the new site so I posted it, when Msmoto said she would carry my vote to the proxy, for me it was answered, maybe not right away but let the voters choose. Otherwise anytime I opened up the NR I have a little box that popped up saying "has your question been answered?" (I was tired of looking at this pop up knowing it wouldn't happen overnight).

    I appreciate the link of how to change my internet browser but do you happen to know of an Internet explorer solution even though I probably couldnt run the plugin (not much I have control over at work, its all locked down).
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    Scoob, try this link. Usual disclaimers as I haven't tried it (I hate IE)
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    Solution for IE users: Get a real browser. :-)

    Seriously, it's really strange that you can't have Firefox installed (by an admin). IE always was and most likely will continue to be a pain. Maybe you can convince your admin.
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    Solution for IE users: Get a real browser. :-)

    Seriously, it's really strange that you can't have Firefox installed (by an admin). IE always was and most likely will continue to be a pain. Maybe you can convince your admin.
    I have a better chance at winning the lottery than getting something other than having IE as the only approved browser (all I have is user rights, can't load software either). Again thanks for helping, I have not tried the link yet. I don't use IE at home, I hate it.
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    Just wondering: Is anyone actually using my CSS file from above?

    And, if so, any requests for fixes?

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    I know its been a while but just got to install this at home, works fine on chrome, some colors are a bit different but overall what I was looking for. About the only thing that I had to play with is remove the first line of the CSS and pick "URLs on the domain".


    PS. I still can't use it at work ughh.... but that's because I do not have any admin rights so there is no hope there.
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    I have not logged into my home computer for a while since I have been doing everything but photography. The Stylish code created for chrome does not seem to work any longer, its actually worse than just the plain website. I have white back ground with yellow thread titles, really hard to read. The actual written context is still black using the NRF custom created. Some post to appear with the black background and white characters but not many and most of them are older post. Anyone know what I need to fix in the code perhaps?
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