Nikon Wireless Systems versus CamRanger Wi-Fi Systems

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Being an owner of the Nikon WT4b Transmitter D3/D300 Series / Uk Price £747 00 Camera Control Pro2 Uk Price £177.00 and now the new CamRanger Wi-Fi transmitter at UK Price £269 00 The New Nikon Wireless Transmitter for D4 /D800 which are a communication kit range from Uk Price £650 00 to £950 00. It was interesting to see what this little transmitter could do. The WT4/CCP2 works on main frame computers/laptops, the Camranger at the moment works on IPads/IPhones but with updates to come, will work on computers and laptops. It also works on certain Aneroid Systems too.
So whats the difference, quick answer, not a lot. Apart from the price. Biggest problem I found with the WT4 system was the live view was only a limited size screen when used with CCP2 ,The CR can be up to full screen. Range is about the same, The CR has other goodies on it if you feel that way inclined. The adverts make it look easy but there are some minor solvable problems at the moment, but this is early days for this manufacture. Plus it will work with most high end cameras . Nikon.and other manufactures
I think with modern technology, the whole wireless systems are going to become cheaper, as this side of photography becomes more popular and affordable. However you do need to have a use for this kind of technology
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    I do see some more differences, but I know only the CR and the other devices just by description.

    The CR is an extra device with extra power supply (battery inside), with extra cable and not much possibilities to attach it to the cam. So you always have to separate things. I'd find it cool to lift the camera with monopod and have the iPod on my wrist to release shutter. But a simple cable with some ICs inside the plug could do as well.

    The CR is independent to manufacturers, which has a down- and up-side. It is a bit tricky and time-consuming to establish a WLAN connection, I'd prefer plug and shoot. For some things you need to change between manual mode, LiveView, PC-mode. And the biggest disadvantage to me is: No full screen with the iPod - which already has limited size of display. AF can become tricky in LiveView, if not switched to manual focus the cam will refocus before shutter opens.

    And still, the limits are in the system: No zoom possible (lack of motorized zooms) and for movement of the tripod there's a pricey option of Gitzo Athena and maybe some other cheaper and less functional options.

    Thanks to your overview, Paulr. Information like this is missed on Nikon's site.
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    Thanks JJ-SO, It's always difficult not to do selling job for a manufacture hence I have not gone to great detail what the CR can do. However information to photographers is always useful.
    I use it with a IPad Retina so that when i show a client an image it looks good, in full size on the iPad plus if I want to travel light[very rare} I can use the IPhone to control the camera.
    Very few systems allow or are capable to zoom lenses however they are wireless lens controlled zoom facilities but we are talking in a completely different price range.
    Value for money this seems a leader, however you need other viewing equipment besides the camera/Lens and the CR.
    Camera, Lens and Tripod and a few other Bits
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    What I really like with CR: It works with D5100, D7000, D800 (hopefully with D7100, too) and with Canon models, too, so I can borrow it to a friend, or borrow his cam - I find that better than dedicated "one system only" devices. There are some less nice issues, but compare to Nikon genuine WLAN stuff, I feel like having made a better choice. :)
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    I have been doing some research on CamRanger as well and it looks very exciting. I came across this detailed review of CamRanger. I found it helpful so thought I would pass it along.
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    Recently I bought an iPad mini because my old iPad 1 was badly deformed (carrying around all day, sometimes in a very tight photobag) and I guess, some circuits were interrupted. The mini has the same processor as iPad 2 and I experienced a much smoother working with it.

    For my iPod touch 5 G I got me a cheap neoprene wristband to put it in - sometimes I need all hands to set up tripod and camera, but eventually have no place to put the iPad down. Then it's not bad to have display and controls right on my hand. Feels a bit like Star trek >-)

    At the moment D7100 is not supported.
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    I bought the TP-Link MR3040 and setup wireless access to my D4 (the MR3040 is the same module CamRanger uses.) The http server works well for simple functions but I might have to look more closely at the CamRanger because I'd like to be able to setup brackets, time lapse/intervals, and possibly even multiexposure shots - can't do that via the HTTP server on the D4 from best I can tell.

    I also tried out Camera Control Pro 2 but that: 1)requires me to lug around my MBP, 2) isn't the most intuitive UI, and 3) costs $215+ with my mini WAP. All told, CamRanger would set me back $300 but would give me all of the other functionality that I "think" I am looking for.
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    Small update. On all my last walks I had the CamRanger with me but never used it although there were possible occasions for low-level shots. For the high-level shots the tripod is too short :( And the higher one at home. My back always has to recover for one day when carrying the backpack, a huge tripod would not make that period shorter, I'm afraid.

    It's just too much of an action: Take it out, set up the connection, fiddling around with the (hopefully right) USB-cable which is too long or too stiff. And after that seeing - close to nothing on the screen, so up with illumination levels of the iDevice. For a quick set-up it's too time-consuming.
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    Just ran into this product seems like a cheaper version to the cam ranger

    Case remote
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