How to recover deleted pictures from nikon camera

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I have taken quite some nice photos from my Nikon camera. Then all of sudden I get this card error, and then I switched the memory card, after back home, I connected the memory card to computer and then it asks me to format it.

Any idea what is happening and am I able to recover photos from the memory card? Those are important photos and I can not afford losing them.


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    First - don't do anything new with this card. No formatting, no new pictures.

    Or did you coincidentally switch the write protection slider?

    SanDisk has on their Extreme-Pro packages a code for Sandisk recovery software, that's works pretty well. There is other software also doing well, but maybe you should clarify which operating system your computer is running?
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    As JJ_SO said: Don't format the memory card!

    A drive/memory card has an area where a computer or digital camera can write the data (the images for example).
    However, the computer/camera/... needs a way to know which data in which areas make up the image.
    This information is stored in a "file allocation table".
    When the card gets damaged some of the data can be corrupted. If your image data is corrupted then the image will be lost. But when the file allocation table is corrupted the computer/camera/... will no longer be able to find the files (even if they are not damaged).

    Multiple tools exist:
    - Tools that will try to fix the file allocation tables. These should be used as a last resort because the might end up damaging even more and making future recovery harder.
    - Tools that will attempt to retrieve the files by just looking at what data is on the disk (without using the file allocation tables). These tools should not cause further damage but might also not always be able to recover everything. Suppose a part of an image is located at location A and a part is located at location B. The file allocation table would tell the computer to first read location A and then continue at location B. Now that this information is missing the recovery program will find a part of the image at location A and a part at location B but might not be able to link those contents.

    I hope that this gives you an idea of the problem and the ways to (try to) solve it.

    Now let's talk tools:
    I've used this tool in the past to recover a broken usb stick:
    It worked quite well and is free.
    The also have a tool to try to recover the file allocation tables. It's also free but I haven't used it.

    Then there is the Sandisk recovery software that JJ_SO mentioned. I have heard that it's excellent and I've got it but I have never had to use it as no Sandisk card has ever failed on me.

    Finally, there are companies that specialize in data recovery and have a lot of tools at their disposal.
    They are not cheap but if these are critical images (a photoshoot of a paying customer's high cost model, a wedding shoot,...) it might be worth the price.

    Hope this helps...
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    Just a note...always have the camera powered off before changing memory cards....
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    And make sure the green light is off before powering the camera off...
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    This is one of the most highly rated recovery software packages. It will push past corruption, bad partitions, Damage, etc... They have a free version that will recover 1GB of data for free, then it will Cost $79. Note this is not simply an "undelete" program. It scans the entire disk/card and retrieves anything that looks like a file, NEFs, JPEGs, MOVs, etc...
    Mac and PC versions with multilingual support.

    You can also go to a Staples store. For like $259 the will recover any hard drive or memory card. You only pay them if they are successful. After that your options get way more expensive, but rest assured they can recover the data. It may cost north of $600 but at that price they will reassemble the files by hand if necessary. BTDTGTTS.
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    Thanks guys for the suggestion. I got the solution already, one of my friend send me this digital camera photo recovery tutorial which helped me got back all my photos
    how to recover deleted photos from nikon camera

    Thanks anyway, appreciate all your replies.
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    Glad to hear that your managed to recover your photos.
    Were your images in RAW/NEF format or in JPG format?
    I'm just interested to know if the recovery software from your link is also capable of working with RAW files.

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    Only if you buy the Pro version for $59 (on sale now for $29).
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    Don't Panic........Here is a good news for you. You can easily recover all your deleted photographs from any camera mpodel including Nikon easily by using Photo Recovery Software. This software is well helmeted with advanced scanning algorithm by which it recovers your precious image in its original file format.

    [Inactive link removed]
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    Always format the memory card in-camera.
    Camera should be off when taking out the card.
    Sometimes for different machines and driver issues a computer might not be able to recognize the card off a card dock or internal SD slot, therefore it's better to connect your camera to a computer via USB and transfer the files. The camera itself has its own driver to offload as a drive.
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    first of all, you must stop doing any operation on nikon camera, and then go to check some helpful photo recovery software to recover lost photos with ease. here is one of tutorial i have used, just sharing with you.
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    Corrupted card photo recovery is easy, but yo should remember something important before you recover photo from corrupted card:

    1.stop using the card.
    2.Don't format the card if it can be read by computer as normal.
    3.keep a habit that full charge for camera before taking photo, because power off suddenly will damage memory card memory chip.

    For corrupted card photo recovery, you had better try to use Card Data Recovery, I ever used it to recover data from my Nikon coolpix camera card.
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    i clicked beautiful pictures from my nikon brother deleted to restore the del pics
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    Read the thread starting at the top. There are several methods, resources mentioned. If they were deleted, the image is still there, just not accessible. If the card has been formatted....mmmm....
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    Can someone please enlighten me? Why is this thread hijacked by payed spammers trying to post links to commercial software that otherwise doesn't get coverage?

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    I think it is happening with you because memory card of your camera got corrupted. But you can recover your data by using any of the data recovery tool like Remo Recovery which are easily available on internet.
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    No matter how your photos has been deleted from digital camera memory card, you can easily recover your deleted photos with the help of Remo Recover Windows Free Edition. It has the ability to extract deleted photos from any kind of storage devices.
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    Well, I have reopened so the following can be addressed:
    KimD800 asked:

    I was goofing around with the camera so most of the photos i took were worthless half shots of like a foot or something but i got a really great picture of my friend studying, i mean it was an amazing picture. Then like an idiot i was quickly filtering through the crappy photos and deleting them straight off the camera (about 4), rookie mistake i know, and accidentally deleted the picture of the friend as the camera was catching up to me clicking the bin button over and over again. I immediately stopped dong anything and took out the memory card to try to recover the pictures on my computer. The software i got did the job quite well and i can see all the silly shots recovered but not that ONE i deleted from the camera its self. On my last ditch effort, after i got error messages on my sd card, i formatted it and ran it through the recovery software again (several different ones) and it still was able to recover photos i even took last year with a different camera but not this ONE picture i deleted straight off the D800.

    Is it forever gone if deleted straight of the camera? How can i recover this photo?
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    @KimD800, from your description it sounds like you ripped the card out of the camera at the moment you discovered you accidentally deleted the wrong file. Far better to wait until the green light goes out and the camera finishes it's write cycle. What has likely happened is that you corrupted the data structures on the card right at the point where your most desired file is. As you can see, delete is really a soft operation where the structures are merely marked as no longer in use, but the data is there. By yanking it out at just that moment you likely "screwed the pooch" as they say. However, if you look at the link I posted above: this program actually reads all of the data, corrupted or not and try's to reassemble the file. I don't know what program you used, but a simple "undelete" program will not help, you need a full recovery program like the one I use. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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