advice on shooting cars outside please



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    These two are not HDR just processing in lightroom

    rust bucket

    Fast n Topless
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    Looks like I have a car show tomorrow to shoot in the rain, oh boy.
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    well i did it yesterday, ill add some to PAD when i have edited them

    thanks for your replies all
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    Your first photo is fantastic but in Second photo i give some tips like change angle top side and try to give space you and your car and zoom on car with top angle . If you go for the photography try some photos like the Interior Exterior Details Angles and Lighting of the Photo will look like just amazing, A Natural Setting, Try to catch natural back Ground and many more
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    How did the pics come out? Last week after a storm I was finally able to make it to an outdoor show. There was bad lighting. Hardly any sunlight but the sky was gorgeous. I tried to include it in Many of the shots and I did have a few cars near sunset with the sun on them. I will try to edit soon.
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    Sometimes it's the smallest details that tell what the car is all about. I love to walk around a car and look for things that make it what it is.

    _DSC3860_3407 copy
  • autofocusautofocus Posts: 625Member
    Here's another one. Anybody that knows muscle cars will appreciate.

    _DSC3843_3390 copy
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    autofocus Buick Stage1 360hp. My friend bought one in 1970 $4000.00. We thought he got ripped off (haha). But what a great car. Wish I had it now.
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    Well, one little addition is to have the lights turned on.... as I did in this PAD image a day ago:

    Verena's Party

    Oh, all done in post...LR 4.4
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    Msmoto, mod
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    While I was in LA I took some pictures of cars just sitting around. Look for them on PAD in the next few days. But here is one that was very unique. Lets see if anyone can guess the maker.


    D4 24-70 2.8 1/1250 ISO 400 @ f/8.0
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