Photoshop Elements 11 - Rant N Question

PhotophunPhotophun Posts: 43Member
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PSE 9 came with my computer and while working away from home it crashed and I needed to finish doing some basic editing for a client. So I figured now was a good time to upgrade to PSE 11. OMG it is so bad, and i cant wait to revert back to PSE 9 when I get back home. The GUI is a step backwards in evolution and the editing tools are lacking compared to PS CS 6. Looks like I might have to break down and actually get the real deal and not this Elements junk.

Any ideas if I can sell the PSE 11 as I have not registered it yet online and does PS CS6 work in 16 bit?


  • adsads Posts: 93Member
    PS CS6 definitely works in 16bit (its what I use)

    If its boxed PSE 11 that hasn't been registered you should be able to sell it, not sure if you can if its an electronic/download version...
  • PhotophunPhotophun Posts: 43Member
    Store Purchase. So with out registering it online the program is basically a trial version then? Putting it up on Craigslist later today and thanks.

    It has this "photo bin" window that keeps popping up and reducing your editing space and all the tool selections are not integrated like in PS.
  • blandbland Posts: 812Member
    Becareful when loading it, it removed all of my plugins that I had on PSE9
  • adsads Posts: 93Member
    ". So with out registering it online the program is basically a trial version then?"

    its a trial until you enter the serial number. If you have entered it, you just need to 'deactivate' the computer.

    From memory that is under the help menu (I don't have my photo rig in front of me at the moment...)
  • sevencrossingsevencrossing Posts: 2,800Member
    Dare I suggest The best upgrade for PSE 9 is LR 5
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