Old (Prior to 1977) Nikkor Lenses



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    I've mentioned this before, but not for a while.

    There's a Fred Miranda forum devoted to "Manual Focus Nikon Glass", that has about 3000 pages of entries and pix. Self described as "This thread is devoted to those photographers shooting with Nikon digital and film cameras who mount manual focus Nikon lenses, specifically those lenses with either Nikkor or Series E Nikon labels."

    There's also lots of chat about where lenses can be found and fixed.

    Forum starts here:


    and at today's date, 11 June 2013, ends here:



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    I woud check with John and see what he suggests. he may know someone who he can recommend if he does not do the full overhaul.

    Or, here is one I have communicated with, and his security is so high you cannot visit him and drop off a camera. Must be shipped. My understanding is he can rebuild anything, and have the factory seals intact. Leica is his specialty. I have driven by his house thousands of times.....

    Gus Lazzari, TLC Camera Repair
    2731 West Lexington Ave. Ext.
    High Point, NC 27262-8227
    thegreatgus@gmail.com (thegreatgus@gmail.com)
    office: (336) 307-2126
    cell: (949) 275-0313
    Thank you!!!

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