New version of Photoshop: Only monthly subscriptions?

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I've just read that the new version of Photoshop will only be available via the Adobe Creative Cloud so you'll have to pay a monthly subscription.
I've always been a huge fan of Adobe products and, although the prices is quite high for an amateur user, I've always used legal versions.
However, this is a big dealbreaker for me.
I tend to use Photoshop only rarely these days. Most of my work is done using LightRoom 4.
Just about the only things I still do in Photoshop is complex retouching using content aware fill and special effects using multiple images (stiching, focus stacking, HDR or multiple exposure stacking). But those uses make up less then 5 percents of my total photography work.
So, I could say "To hell with Photoshop" and stay with Lightroom.
But I'm afraid this just the start of a trent.
What happens when, in a few years, Lightroom becommes creative cloud as well. Yes, I could just keep using my old version of Photoshop and Lightroom.
But at some point in the future my current PCs will stop working. At some point the Lightroom and Photoshop will no longer be compatible with the latest versions of Windows.
There are a hundred and one reasons why you need continued support for a computer program.
The worst case scenario that I can see is that, 5 years from now, Adobe makes everything creative cloud.
I will then have two choices:
- Pay a monthly fee (which they might very well increase over time) to be able to process and export my thousands upon thousands of DNG files.
- Say goodbye to Adobe and lose years of editing work.
Luckily I still have all my original NEF files as well. Just in case...

I can see Adobe's reasoning behind all this.
They think that it will stop illegal copies and they hope to get more income in the long run (and a more spread out and predictable income).
However, it's still a horrible move for a lot of customers...


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