D800 playback monitor doesnt show histograms or the like

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Hello to everybody, I am a new member and the proud owner of a D800 and I have an issue:
When I go to change the settings of the playback monitor the settings do not change form the basic information screen that is shown all of the time, so, for instance, I am not able to get a picture that has no overlays showing, I cannot get a Historgam, nor an Overview, nor a Highlights, nor a Shooting data overlay; the only one that works is the Focus Point.
In other words, I set the various options that I wish to use and they do not work and the monitor does not change its status, and therefore none of the aforementioned options are shown nor usable, so at this point any help would be greatly appreciated - I am wondering if I need to install the firmware update though I cannot see how this is such an issue that is resolved by doing that, I am a Linux user and cannot easily find a windows computer to install the update with...:-( would using Wine do it I wonder?
Anyhow, thanks in advance to any help I get from everybody on this forum:-)
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    The basic idea is that you enable those options in the menu, and then hit the up or down arrow on the multi-selector while in playback mode. If this doesn't make sense I'll quote some manual pages

    Edit: page 43 tells you how to get additional info while viewing a photograph
    Page 222 and 261 describe how to enable or disable which additional info is displayed when you cycle through
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    Well, yes, I know that! The problem is that the changes I make are not showed on the monitor for my reveiwing etc., so I am thinking that i have a duff camera body... ouch:-(
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    Hello Pete-juggler,

    So perhaps you could give us a bit of information on your purchase:
    New, pre-owned, refurbished?
    Brick & mortar store, on-line?
    Reputable seller, Ebay, Craigslist, newspaper ad?
    Point being it's odd that the screen doesn't at least switch to the one with the smaller image and histogram & camera settings.
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    Are you hitting the up or down arrow multiple times? Try a two-button reset and pull the battery for a while.
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    @pete_juggler - the options that are 'checked' aren't valid until you push the "OK" button after selection in the Menu.

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    Thanks people for the patience shown! I am stupid, haha: I expected the information screens to be shown upon switching out of the selection process, and i was in a rush to get out of the door (oops) so when I got home I tried again and used my right thumb, haha, problem solved and one embarassed newbie to this list says "Press the buttons, it is good for you:-)" All that I was doing incorrectly was that once I had selected the picture that i wanted to view with a histogram, say, I wasn't pressing the up or down elements of the multi-selector to enable that view to show, I was expecting the histogram to be visible without any further pressing, oops, me daft man, and thanks again for the patience shown in the face of such myopicness:-) My previous dslr's have been Sony Alphas and this is a much different and better camera system than what I have been used too.
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    We all make misteaks... :))
    Msmoto, mod
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