Nikon J3 & WP-N2 underwater case photos

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I was finally able to take some photos and video with my Nikon 1 J3 and the Nikon WP-N2 underwater case. I was amazed that it was able to focus so quickly because when one is underwater, it is quite hard to be able to stay motionless or have the subject stay motionless due to currents and buoyancy control. The only lighting used was the sun and a small handheld underwater LED flashlight.

Anyway, I posted a set of images and video at Nikon Image Space. The URL is at if anyone is interested. Make sure you wait for the complete image to download because they are using a heavily compressed thumbnail as a teaser.

No coral, fish,or invertebrates were harmed when taking these pictures/videos. The photos were saved as JPG and imported into Aperture in order to embed additional EXIF and GPS data. A small number of images had the white balance changed.


  • mikepmikep Posts: 280Member
    scuba diving scares me i think i would freak out ;D

    lucky a shark didnt come
  • mikepmikep Posts: 280Member
    oh no !! it did come hahahahah

    the underwater world is not as green as i was expecting
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    Very interesting. I was thinking about this combo as well but I went for a GoPro Hero 3 instead. From what I have read it is very good for video, but I will see how good it is for photography.
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    Yep, lots of lemon and nurse sharks in the Bahamas.

    While there, I saw many divers with GoPros. One of them had a mount on the back of their hand which was unique.
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    We have 8 GO Pros and have them mounted for UW use. Then we bought a Nikon 1 AW 1. The AW 1 is really amazing! I looked long and hard at the J3 and the case. I didn't think it was what we wanted. We have owned about 40 underwater cameras to date. I have even shot UW with view cameras. Until the Go Pro came along we were forced to spend a lot of money for the results. I bought the first Nikon 1 AW 1 I could. Now that we have really put it to the test we feel it is fantastic! Our results will be on Nikon USA website.
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    I skipped out on those due to cost and that one would really only will get one use for a couple of days and that is it. I did pick up a Olympus TG2 - I'll be in the water in 24 hours and will find out how my choice was!
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