D3200 and AI-S lenses

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Hi Guys,

  I was wondering if there is a way to use AI-S lenses on D3200 with metering and aperture readings. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



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    It would appear that all functions are manual when using an AI-S lens on a D3200.  The only way to see is to give it a try.  However, there are a lot of folks who use older lenses on their new bodies, so I would think they may have better guidance.
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    The only way for metering to work with TTL is to install CPU contacts (third party), which can be done, but it is costly.

    In liveview the camera will meter the lens, and operate normally, it just wont report the lens data (manual mode only of course).
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    manual is ok and if LV helps it is even better I'll give it a try. This guy does the conversions at a reasonable price ($35) *LINK REMOVED* but shipping costs (I'm in Italy) for me will be more than the job itself :(

    An adapter ring would be the best option. I Wrote to Novaflex I'll let you know.

    Thanks for the help guys :)
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    as others have suggested, you must add a CPU chip to the lens which may be quite costly. On my D5000 the manual focus direction indicator occupies the area where the exposure meter is normally. I think it is like so on the D3200. 
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    You can get the nikon chip from ebay for $20-$30 easily 
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    Sorry for the link I didn't know it was forbidden to post them. If I buy chips will it be easy to add it to my lenses?
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