70-200 f/2.8 Choice -Used VRI or VRII- What would you do?

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So, I have been offered an excellent condition second hand 70-200 f/2.8 VR 1 for £1000 from a business. A bit above the going rate I’d say, however, it’ll come with 6 month warranty and really is in tidy condition.

On the other hand, I might be able to get a 70-200 f/2.8 VR 2 in a private sale, so no warranty. That lens too is in great condition and has seen little use, but is third hand, being second hand to the current owner but I might be able to get that for as low as £1200.

So, the question currently bouncing off the walls of my skull is VR1 for £1K and 6 month warranty, or VR2 for £1.2K no warranty.

What would you do?
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    i wouldnt pay that much for a vr1 ..... as you say it is above going rate. so offer them 700

    and buy the vr2 anyways

    then sell the vr1 for 900 on ebay
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    It depends a bit on which camera body you are using. The older 70-200 is still fine for DX bodies. It's a wonderful lens and handles well. But on an FX body, the older lens vignettes a bit and is a little soft in the corners.

    For FX, the VR II model is the only way to go. Image quality is upgraded a little, VR is improved, and the issues with vignetting and corner softness are gone. The VR II model is a bit heavier.

    As far as prices, I agree the VR I price i s a little high. For just £2-300 difference, the answer is clearly the VR II model. I don't think a warranty is worth much. The issues are either AF issues or VR issues - both of which can be easily repaired. More important is the first 30 days while you are checking out the lens - and in that case you should expect the ability to try it and return it promptly if there is an issue.

    For DX if you can get a significant price reduction, the VR I model will be fine. Otherwise I'd get the VR II model which seems fairly priced.
  • Have them both, version II is better. On my FX body all my lenses have some or more vignetting with the largest opening, never a problem for me.
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    Get the VR II :D
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    Well that seem fairly clear cut, thanks chaps :D

    P.S. I'm on the FX side of the fence.
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    I went through same issue two months ago. The VR1 is nice, and depending on your camera the IQ difference may not be TOO NOTICEABLE. In fact, I think the VR1 is a little sharper in the CENTER (only-never in the corners!!) at some Focal Lengths based on several reviews. And it focuses a little closer I think. That being said, the VRI system is antiquated compared to the newer VRII; I should know, I had BOTH in the span of 3 weeks. Now, I just own the VRII. It's definitely a better lens; and besides, a 6-month warranty is almost a moot point. You'll never need warranty work on either unless the motor goes out unexpectedly. Good luck
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    Thanks, the VRII has been ordered this morning. It's going to live on either a D700 body or my D800 and as I plan to try and get a few weddings in the next 12 months, I guess the VRII vs VRI system will prove the investment useful.

    Cheers again folks.
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