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I have a D800, and when out'n'about use a Sun Sniper strap. When inside, or in studio, I want to use a normal strap, and usually end up just using the original Nikon strap. This works, but is a pain to switch.

I did buy a detachable strap, basically with clip on/off functionality, but then had the rather long clips hanging on each side of the camera...

What does anyone else do? Is there a smart strap system which leaves very little "footprint" on the camera when not in use?
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    On my D800 have a Spider Holster base, this allows both Q R Plate and a lug for a shoulder strap.
    The spider holster is a convenient way to carry you camera in the studio or out side, without the encumbrance of a strap round your next
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    I had a nice hand strap with red leather pad from Japan with a screw-on base and a loop through the neck strap ring. After a few weeks I stopped using it because it was incompatible with my L-plate. So I took it apart, cut up an old skinny nylon neck strap and looped that through one end of the L-plate, then through my red leather pad and attached to the strap ring. This gives me a nice adjustable but grippy hand strap and it can stay on my camera all the time since it doesn't interfere with the tripod mounting. For a neck strap I clip a Black-Rapid strap to the strap attached to my L plate, not the black rapid eye screw. The strap comes off quickly but is secure until I'm ready to remove it.

    I've already lost one D800 on a job due to lack of foresight in securing my camera during a difficult positioning overhead. With my current system, the camera stays attached to me, either my hand or my neck, until it is firmly clamped in place.
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    "What does anyone else do? Is there a smart strap system which leaves very little "footprint" on the camera when not in use?"

    I use a black rapid strap fastened through my tripod QD plate. Simples.
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    I tend to use a strap (black rapid), a tripod, or nothing at all.

    My camera stays naked all the time and I just add the black rapid if and when it's need, which is hardly ever.
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    Don't use sun sniper. It's unreliable and works itself loose. My Pentax 645D crashed to the floor needing $2500 worth of repairs thanks to this issue. Black rapid is far more reliable.
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    OP/Tech Mini QD Loops, Adapt-Its, Utility Loops

    I have those on most all of my cameras. I use the Utility loops on my D800 with a Domke strap and reversed the quick connects.
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    I do the same as spraynpray, Black Rapid strap with a Kirk Arca type clamp attached. The camera has a permanently attached Kirk camera bracket, all my long lenses have a Kirk Arca type plate attached and my monopod and tripods have Kirk Arca type clamps fitted. My telescope and gimbal head is similarly equipped.

    The result is that I can seamlessly switch from one to the other in seconds, including swopping camera for telescope onto the gimbal head when bird watching. It cost some money but not too much and , of course, you only need to do it once. I am sure that you could do the same with Manfrotto clamps and plates (I don't share the hate-mail opinions aimed at these by many people! I have been using them for years without any complaints).

    I have not used a neck strap since I bought the Black Rapid strap. It is brilliant. Secure and an outstanding way to carry a camera on walks, especially with a long lens attached. The camera swings up from the hip for action in a second and does not interfere with binoculars hanging around your neck- a very important point for me as I never go anywhere without them!

    All the Kirk gear I have seems very good quality, I have tested it fairly brutally and I trust it. It is cheaper than RRS I think but RRS equipment looks absolutely superb. I have never seen any in the flesh though.
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    I have been using the Black Rapid for some time now. Just recently I purchased the RRS B2-FAB-F to use in conjunction with the L-Plates that I have on both my camera bodies. The Kirk does the same thing, but being that I have been very pleased with RRS, I went with their product line...they second to none in my eye :)
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    I stick with the original Nikon D800 strap.
    I'm not comfortable with the idea of a quick release strap. I'm afraid it would come lose and cause me to drop the camera.
    I'm also not a big fan of systems where you attach the strap to the tripod screw. Looks like a lot of stress for such a small screw.
    The Nikon strap works for me so I see no need to change it..
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    Just FYI, a 1/4-20 SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREW STAINLESS STEEL has a yield strength of about 400 Kg. by one source. And, most of the screws I use for the various tripod attachments are SS. Other grades may be much stronger but have high corrosion rates. For real strength, use grade 8 but it seems to rust very easily unless coated.
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    That's fine for the screw that's used, but what about the tripod socket itself?

    Did the camera body engineers ever expect that the tripod socket would have to support the moving weight of the camera and a lens? Until these type of things came along, most people (and, I suspect, most design engineers) would have expected that the camera would be attached to a tripod and then remain stationary with that socket/screw combination having very little stress on it.

    Granted, I don't know of anyone who's ever had the socket pulled out of the body, but that would be my greatest concern.

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    400kg is about 1000 too low. Had to calculate twice to believe. Actually, these steels could lift with one 1/4"/20 screw between 1000 and 1400kg before they break - so we could start worrying about those little screws
    I never opened a bottom plate of a NIkon (but will do when the warranty is over), this one is a cheap Yashica.

    Some of the modern bodies will show better, others worse connections, but in general I see no reason to worry about the tripod socket. My concern would be, to swing a lens in the wrong direction.
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  • KillerbobKillerbob Posts: 732Member
    Ordered Black Rapid Sport and the RRS B2-FAB-F today. Also went full Monty and upgraded all Manfrotto heads, QR clamps and plates to RRS. Only thing I kept was my two Manfrotto tri/monpods.
  • GarethGareth Posts: 159Member
    My concern would be, to swing a lens in the wrong direction.
    The biggest problem with straps and the reason I seldom use one.

  • JJ_SOJJ_SO Posts: 1,158Member
    Me too, but I also saw their benefits. A friend used BlackRapids and a harness on a wedding and he was quickly changing from one to the other body - that's my limit with carrying them in my hand.
  • JuergenJuergen Posts: 315Member

    Ok, took some photos this morning of a solution which works very fine for me.

    Firstly I have to say, I also use and enjoy the BlackRapid. But there are situations, when I prefer the camera around my neck. This is when packing up my gear after a shoot, or sometimes when I wear a backpack all the straps of backpack and BR seem to be in my way.

    Therefor I am using a neoprene neck-strap, which is about 20 years old. It comes with clips, which are easy detachable. They also do not impose too much wind resistance when the camera is on the tripod.
    Those little pigtails as shown in the picture below, are staying practically all the time on my camera.

    D4 Camera Strap

    Here is a photo, how it looks, when strapped around someones's neck.
    (sorry for the poor quality, my subject did not have much time and I ran out of treats)

    D4 Camera Strap

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    Juergen. This looks like a good solution but beware of those clips! I have had them break before on backpack straps.
  • JuergenJuergen Posts: 315Member
    Juergen. This looks like a good solution but beware of those clips! I have had them break before on backpack straps.
    I know there is a risk. But so far, I am using it for many years and it did not let me down yet.
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    Op/Tech sells a set of velcro doodads that you can thread through the QDs to keep them from coming apart. I believe they are called "Secure-Its" and only cost about $5-6.

    As a matter of fact, Jurgen, that looks like an Op/Tech strap. It's what I just started using and I would be pleased to know that they last 20 years.
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  • Mac_The_KnifeMac_The_Knife Posts: 19Member
    I use basically the same Op Tech strap that Jürgen uses, except I find myself not using the neck strap so much as I just clip the two pigtails together and use it as a hand strap.
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  • KillerbobKillerbob Posts: 732Member
    OK, so taken all into account, I decided on using the BlackRapid system, changing over from Sun Sniper. I got the Sport and the RRS B2-FAB-F plate so it'll fit with my RRS L-plate.

    For the few times I want need neck carrying I installed this:
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    @Killerbob: Those carabiners are waaay too big, they are likely to ruin the finish on your camera not to mention they look ridiculous. If those two points don't bother you, then they are OK. They look like something you think is a good idea but haven't actually used in the field.
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  • sevencrossingsevencrossing Posts: 2,800Member
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    Those carabiners are waaay too big, .
    they also, do not seem to have a screw gate
    If this is the case, they will almost certainly come undone, at a very inappropriate moment

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    I think they are the aluminium ones you can get off eBay for like 99pence for 6pcs - for a D800? Really? 8-|
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