Autofocus issue with AF-S 80-200mm f/2.8 at 200mm

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Hi all,

Video of my problem :

Just wanted to see if anyone has had similar issues with the pro AF-S 80/70-200mm lenses autofocus. I know of the tendancy of the AF-S motor to die off in this lens (expected and have allocated money for it, got lens cheap), but this problem is completely new to me. Any possible reasons? Problems only crop up at the 200mm setting.

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    I wonder why you got it cheap? Do you suppose it has had problems in the past? And, could this be a problem with the contacts? It looks like the motor is moving the lens but the information from the camera is misinforming the lens of the focus status.
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    Ah the seller "didn't want to carry it around anymore" because he got it as a gift from his father. I checked AF operation before buying and it was smooth with no squeaks. However the low price let me set aside some money for a SWM replacement when I needed one.

    I suspect the same thing @Msmoto, but not sure what's causing it. Cleaned contacts at mount with an eraser, no change. Tested on D7000, D3s, D90 and D300s with the same problem. I think I'm going to send it in to Nikon UK when it becomes unbearable.
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    Just to follow up, I got it repaired at Nikon UK. The main circuit board had to be replaced. Coupled to a Clean Lube Align and adjustment to the aperture lever it cost £410. Got it back in a week after the repair was authorized. Bit annoyed because even though I sent the lens in for a clean, I found a large dust spec on one of the internal elements. Probably would complain but am otherwise happy with the service I got.
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