D600 + 24-85 VR deal ongoing?

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It appears the D600 + lens kit deal is now listed at B&H as the ongoing price, rather than listing the expiration date of December 29th as it has been until about an hour ago.  Does anybody have any other information on this?  Is Nikon going to be perpetually giving away the lens with the body from now on?  Seems crazy if it ends up not just being a holiday special.  

Maybe the D600 is selling poorly.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Nikon has crippled its video mode...
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    The local shops here list the rebate as ending January 9th. I doubt it has to do with a lack of sales, I believe the D600 was in the top ten list for DSLR sales on Amazon for a while, but rather an attempt to clear inventory before the end of the quarter, which looks good on reports to investors and stockholders.
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    I think it is a matter of poor sales - the dust/coating particles falling on sensor has become a real issue being discussed on all forums.

    The discount may be to get rid of existing faulty stock but may also be due to the realization that the price was too high for a body with inferior ergonomy/controls. In any case, I expect the discounted price to be the retail price from now on.
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    This puts me firmly in mind of a situation involving a major car manufacturer which marketed a 4x4 in the UK that was a complete pile of s**t with all kinds if mechanical and electrical problems.  The car struggled to sell in reasonable numbers for many years even though they developed it to the point that it was a very good vehicle in the end - unrecognisable as the same vehicle.  I paid £16000 for a car that would have sold for £24000 with those extras on it because nobody wanted that vehicle.

    Nikon really need to get their ducks in a row and do accelerated life tests on the first production units before sending them out because this s**t sticks eventually.
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    When I look at B&H is shows $2496 as "$200 off", not $1996 anymore. Link for evidentiary purposes:

    Deal in Canada allegedly runs through January 9.
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    Looking around this morning it seems like most places reverted to $2k for the body and $2.5k for the kit. 
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    The deal was a release to dampen the Canon's MK6 release,,,,I have had a Nikon Pro Svc's card for 20yrs,,,if you have an issue with your camera they will fix it,,I have dropped $4K bodies in lakes and they've rebuilt them for $250,,,,,I Have D800 and 600, both are phenomenal ,,I have not seen one post where a customer has been charged for cleaning the sensor,,,if that is your big worry, take it back and drop $800 more for the D800,,,,that way you can use your FX glass
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    I've actually read a number of accounts of folks who have had to send their cameras in at great expense to them to have their sensors cleaned. I purchased the D800, and I had major oil spots on the sensor. And the D600 is FX just like the D800, so....???
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