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A new cloud storage/share like Dropbox was lunched recently and they have a really nice deal while the initial buzz is creatied around the service.
You will get 15GB for free and another 5GB if you use an referral link like the one at the end of this poat and you can earn 5 GB of extra free storage for yourself and whoever you refer each time you introduce someone new. This is a limited time opportunity to rack up huge amounts of extra free storage.

I hope 20GB or more free cloud storage will integrate well in your workflow.

I use this service to sync my current projects between my laptop and my desktop computer.


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    Hi sbp,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Cloud storage and sharing services have it's use.
    However, I don't think that they would work in my workflow.
    15GB is less then the smallest SD card that I use on my D800.
    Furthermore, even a high speed internet connection will require a lot of time to transfer a few full memory cards.
    I personally think that the most efficient workflow is with direct attached storage (e.g. USB 3.0 hard disks) or network storage (e.g. a raid system on a high speed/gigabit local area network).
    This will allow much faster transfer between multiple computers.

    Don't get my wrong... I do use dropbox to store some files that I want to be able to access from anywhere.
    And I can see how an online storage can be handy to deliver digital images in jpg format to a client (or familie, friends,...)
    I just don't see it as part of my main workflow.

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    I already have 150GB for referring my friends from facebook and this space is really handy. My main working SSD with images has 170GB of space and it's easy to use this as an alternative backup solution. After I finish the job and deliver the images the raws are moved to Archive Mirrored Hard Drives.

    Dropbox fills my needs with shearing files witch clients and friends.

    I see some downsides using the D800 and cloud storage :)
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