Nikon d7100 video format?

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Can anyone please tell me the format that the d7100 records to Sd card. Is it mpeg4 or AVCHD? The reason I ask is that I am trying to import the video into my panasonic DMR-BWT-720 blu ray recorder and using the cameras native file format it plays video with no audio. Using nikon nx2 supplied with the camera and exporting the video file to sd card enables the file to play with audio but when I try to import to the panasonic HD it can't see the file in the file add list (although it plays it)? There is an option to select AVCHD but this only gives me DVD to HD and no SD or USB slot to select. Is this a codec issue? So far panasonic can't give me an answer


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    The D7000 (and the D7100 I assume) shots video in mpeg4 format. The extension is .MOV, and the listed format in Aperture is listed as H.264, 1920x1080, 24fps.
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    I have noticed the on board stereo sound system on the D7100 is pretty low sound even compared to the D7000. I have a Rode' Australian aftermarket sound system that is considerably better than the built in D7100 sound. Unless a background noise is really pronounced iPhoto and even Aperture Three doesn't give much of a volume. If you try to counteract and turn up the volume (which is easily accessed by the menu the distortion quickly becomes intolerable. Killerbob is right about the extension being .mov, etc. I do think though the D7100 video is a decided step up from the D7000. I also firmly believe that one of the important goals of the D400 for Nikon is a enhanced video as it is becoming a real selling point. I have noticed that in some difficult lighting that any treatment of stills was difficult to make a certain subject look all that appealing and the video handled it very well. The issue you mention is what we have encountered as well and there does seem to be a proprietary mismatch there that is real. I can usually get video imported to Aperture 3 best to run D7100 video.
    The same computer though needs a new Quicktime Player to play certain edits we have posted on the Internet.
    For instance Key West Shark Fishing (Black Sky Entertainment) will not play our own video on my computer. My Grandson who edited the video has no problem on his Mac with more advanced Quicktime Player.
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    Many thanks for the comments. I did see that indeed the extension although being listed as .mov is not being picked up by the Panasonic for import. Still plays it though? Don't have a Mac myself, so no Aperture. I'm more interested to know what file format the Video needs to be for the Panny to import it. I'll give Sony movie editor a go.
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    QuickTime is also available for Windows. Not sure about the latest version. In my experience, Sony software is really at step backward, needs a lot of resources, unstable and wants to import all possible formats into it. I don't like software that wants to be chief in charge without asking my permission for it.
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    Hi Mrblister,

    You need to convert the video from H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) to MPEG-2. You should then be able to complete the import. Let us know how it works.
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