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I need to shoot some video so I am looking at getting a new dslr. I have a D700 and initially thought to upgrade to a d800 and sell the D700. There are so many nikn dslr's that shoot video now so I'm not sure which one to get. I like the D700 but the longer I keep it the more value it loses, but I could get a cheaper nikon which would do great video and keep the D700 as well, and so have one for video an one for stills.

If anyone has any input please put it forward, thanks.


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    I don't shoot video but I changed from a D700 to a D800; once you have got used to a D800 you will not want to go back to the D700

    If you want to have two cameras, then yes may be get a D7100 and keep the D700 but if you only want to carry one camera, sell the D700 and get the D800

    the only down side of the D800, compared to the D700 is fps
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    For a "mostly video" DSLR wouldn't either of the non-anti-aliasing models, D800E or D7100 be a priority?. Next on the list would be the ability to push a clean HDMI signal if you want to record at higher quality than a compressed MOV file on your card. I don't have that list handy...
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    I guess there are so many options these days, it gets a bit confusing. Not sure if dx or fx makes a difference with video either. The d800 looks great and I'm really tempted but I'm trying to be sensible and only spend when I reall need to.
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    DX is closer to the size of the classic "super 35" format in traditional filmmaking. However the full frame FX size gives a different and currently desirable format that delivers shallower depth of field and a more "pictorial" feel vs a "cinematic" feel of DX. IMHO of course.
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    The D800 with a selection of f1.4 primes is going to give a profession set up, but if you are on a tight budget Dx wins every time
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    @Slakjaw, why are canon folks removing the AA filter for video then?
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    Many videographers are removing the AA filter, but adding stronger, special/custom, moire reduction filters to make up for it.
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