Coolpix flash problems?

crizmancrizman Posts: 27Member
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1-1/2 yrs ago I bought the Coolpix p7100. I love it, great point & shoot. I declined the extended warranty from the store. Last night my wife took it to a school prom. She was indoors so the flash popped up. 1st shot goes off , she thought she smelled smoke. 2nd shot -she sees & smells smoke coming out of the camera where the flash pops up. The front of the flash has a mark on the inside of the glass. When she brought it home I tried it out with the flash. It seems OK, it fires- no smoke. the image looks fine. WTH??? Is this common? Has anyone here heard of this happening before? I spent $500. on this camera, it seems ok, so I will continue to use it. Any thoughts or ideas????


  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    Sounds like either the flash tube had a bit of a meltdown, or some foreign material got inside the flash housing and burned off. How often is this camera used? I've seen small spiders make nests in the darnedest of places...
  • crizmancrizman Posts: 27Member
    It gets used every couple of weeks, and is in a small crumple bag- maybe something could have gotten in there & got fried. The flash seems to be working ok.
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