Samyang 16mm f/2 for DX cameras

GodlessGodless Posts: 113Member
edited June 2013 in Nikon DSLR cameras
Nikon could have and should have done it. Now Samyang reaps the profits of Nikon´s stupidity.. I´m buying the 16mm. Anyone else?

If the lens is as good as the latest Samyang offerings have been, I´ll be a very happy snapper with that one.


  • KuvKuv Posts: 55Member
    I'd buy it if it had AF. A manual lens is no good for me for shooting events.
    I believe Nikon will offer something similar at some point. A 14, 15 or 16 mm DX @ 1.8 would be a dream come true. One body with a 35 and the other with that lens and I could cover any event.
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