Flash of pain

Tradewind35Tradewind35 Posts: 77Member
edited December 2012 in Nikon Flashes

Dropped an FM3A with an SB16B flash attached onto it's head - onto concrete - urgh! Much a pain felt vicariously.

Once I had composed myself and wiped away tears etc, found that camera survived fine - the Flash mount sheared off on one of the lips that slide into the flash mount. Reassembled it by pushing the broken piece of plastic into place and worked fine - thank you Mr Nikon for making it that way. If the mount had been metal it might have broken something more expensive. Also that nice Mr Nikon designed the SB 16 with an interchangeable Flash Unit coupler - so I can simply replace the coupling - and I have an older SB16 B at home to do just that. The joys of good old Nikon film kit. That makes it the second time in 40 odd years of photography that I have dropped a clanger - must remind self not to do it again....



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