Help my D800 is falling apart

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I have had my D800 since May 2012 and I have used it fairly actively. Shutter count approx. 25,000. Maybe because I live in the tropics, I have issues with the build quality... the hard rubber material used (not sure of the proper name) in the camera body is already falling apart that I would now have to send it in for an overhaul...just after 14 months of usage!! I had a similar problem with my D300 but that was about 3 years down the line. I am a fairly careful user of my equipment. I also have similar problems with the hard rubber used in some of my lenses with both the 24-70 f/2.8 and the more recent 24-120 f/4 having sagging rubber covering. Is there anything I am doing wrong?


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    This is what the 800 looks like now
    From 236B
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    I wouldn't have expected that. I used my D7000 in Malaysia and in the Philippines extensively. You should expect that your camera can deal with that heat and humidity, but of course, it all comes down to your definition of "have used it fairly actively"...
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    I bought mine in September 2012, and mine started coming away from the corner within 6 months. It's not got any worse but it did surprise me.
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    @killerbob...yes fairly active user considering 25k shots in 14 mths...mostly over weekends or when I travel.. When not in use, camera is well stored...and I don't share! From itsnotmeyoukonow's experience, appears there may be an issue with the material used..
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    If you find your hands getting sweaty on the camera that could also be a reason. Some oils in/on human skin can break down some glues. Problem is not everyone has the same oils in their skin.
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    If the camera has been in a confined space and subjected to temperatures over 130° F (55 C) this may create a delimitation of the cover. An automobile in sun easily reaches this temperature if windows are closed.
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    Sweaty hands can be an issue. Evidently some of us have sweat that has a certain pH that can break down the glue holding rubber parts on. I believe I'm one of these people and have had to replace a couple of glued on rubber parts for my D90.
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    @proudgeek has the answer I am sure. Some people I know have 'rusty hands' - that is to say that when they touch ferrous metal, their fingerprints start etching into the finish. Disaster with blued steel guns!
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    thanks guys for your comments.....I believe that the problem is linked to a bit of most of your I would just go fix the rubber part and go on taking photos :D Wishing everyone a excellent weekend ahead!
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    I used gaffers tape, works great!
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    @CEBlueclouds: On my D7000 extra battery grip I too had the rubber start to come off. It was nothing that prevented me from using the camera, but it sure was annoying. So I sent it to Nikon and within a week they fixed it and sent it back. The price to fix it was very reasonable and so far it has not shown any sign of separation. So my recommendation is send it in and have then fix it.
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    Had to replace the front rubber on my d300s as it had been used in the tropics before I bought it ,did the job myself using the correct 3M glue compound ,but it still came away again ,ended up using high strength super glue ,that's done the job
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    @Golf&;Blackfox .... Thanks for your suggestions. My problem is that the rubber is now stretched and no longer fits properly as it now overlaps beyond the using glue unless I trim it off would lead to a very irritating fit! Would send it in to a Nikon Service Center once I can manage the logistics...

    Thanks Bland would try the gaffer tape option as a temporary solution......
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    I bought a replacement for the rubber piece on my D90 (sort of where your right thumb and the meaty part of your palm fits). Cost me $5.95. Don't try to use the existing one. It's not going to work.
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    @proudgeek.... thanks I would order it if it is sold as a replacement part. Where did you source the piece for your D90 please?
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    I got it from a place in Burlington, VT where I live, called LeZot Camera. I'm not 100% sure we're talking about the same part. Not sure where you live, but try this also:
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    thanks Proudgeek....I live in West Africa.....but travel around a lot mainly in Europe and the US .... Just checked out the link.... very useful. Browsing through what is available, apparently, what I need is called a "Grip Rubber Unit Bundle". Unfortunately I only see one for the D700 and none for the D800. But thanks to you I now know where to look and would sending a mail to customer service...
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    The rubber is all kept on with what looks like double sided tape.

    It is not recommended to glue the rubber down as you won't be able to remove it when it becomes worn and warped over time or with heavy use.

    I have replaced/need to replace all of the rubber on my d700.

    The more you hold the grip, the sooner the grip will come off. Do you walk around holding the camera by the grip when you are not shooting? This hugely increases the speed in which the grip comes off.
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    Thanks Gareth.....plan is to replace the rubber as u did....and yes I usually walk around holding the camera by the grip....
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