Third party EN-EL 18 for D4

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Has anyone had any experience with third party batteries for the D4? I purchased 2 and sent them back as my D4 will not recognize the batteries. I realize that I should be buying a Nikon battery but at $185 it's a real gouge, it's only a battery with a chip in it. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Love my D4.



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    Have you tried the Watson EN-EL18 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (10.8V, 2600mAh) sold by B & H among others? Also the Nikon battery is now down to less than USD $140.... Maybe you could slip over to Seattle and grab one....
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    I noticed the Watson on B&H's website last night, will probably give it a try.
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    "My Maserati does 185..." but I can't afford the gas.
    Sheesh, spend six grand for a camera and complain about $57 difference between a genuine Nikon battery and a knock-off? When the el-cheapo leaks all over the insides or bursts into flames as Li-Ion batteries are want to do (ever hear of the 787 Dreamliner?) don't come crying here...

    Edit: My comment here was merely to point out that Li-Ion batteries have been known to smoke and/or catch fire when not constructed or handled properly. I made this comment before I learned of the tragic news of the Boeing 777 crash at SFO.
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