Canon EOS M Compact gets new 2.02 firmware update that speeds up autofocus dramatically

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Users of the Canon EOS M Compact APS-C camera will want to update to the new 2.02 firmware as it improves the focus speed dramatically on this otherwise excellent little camera. The only serious complaint about this camera was that it was too slow to focus which is the reason a new model is coming out. Canon has not let their customers down by just coming out with a new model, they did a great job finding a solution, and got it out in front of their new model which will replace the current EOS M. The improvement on my EOS M is dramatic; two to three-times faster than it was before the firmware update, per my perception, using it with both the 22mm and the 18-55mm lenses.


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    And there is currently a deal for an EOS M plus 22mm f/2 lens for $299 which looked 2 good to be true that I snapped up one for my wife! Me bad X_X ?
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    I enjoy playing with these small cameras to see what I can get out of them. The EOS M, like the Nikon V1 was impossible for me to resist at the close out prices, I bought the adapter - 25 dollar for non G lenses, and the 30 dollar for G Lenses Rainbow converters to use my Nikon lens on the EOS M. The camera is a joy to use with Canon lenses if you are taking snap shots, and at a party, and only want to think about composition, and the quality of pictures is outstanding. The shots I took with my 1980-1982 85mm f/1.4 ED attached to it were simply stunning.

    My big problem is that I end up buying DX lenses from Sony, and Canon that I use too infrequently, but do enhance the cameras. These cameras are a lot fun. Canon did a great job on fixing the EOS M slow focus problem, and Nikon has unleashed the power of Nikon 1 cameras by giving us matrix af-c which works beautifully. I think Nikon will sell a lot more FT1 adapters, and bigger lenses by making matrix af-c work on the af-s lenses. This was a very smart move on Nikon's part, and makes the Nikon 1 system a joy to use with the af-s lenses.

    I am thinking of selling, or trading my NEX3C, and 5Ns, because the native lenses for the Sony NEX are just not as good as Nikon, and Canon.

    The people who picked these two cameras up on close out got a huge value.
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    The motor is never the issue but the contrast detection algorithm...
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