What did you pay for your D700/D800/D800E?

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How much did you guys (or gals) pay for your D700/D800/D800E?

I'm curious how the prices compare depending on the country, location, date, & seller.

It seems like Nikon cameras hold value better than Canon from what I've seen so far. $-)


  • QuasarQuasar Posts: 24Member
    I bought my D800 for $2,800 yesterday. Northern Cali. Bought from B&H so no sales tax. \m/
  • rmprmp Posts: 586Member
    You are just trying to make me feel bad. :))
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    It's OK, Bob, full retail on almost all of my stuff... :((
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    Buying it in Denmark, and then getting the sales tax refunded because I export to Greenland (non-EU), the D800 cost me USD2,500. That was the list price, but I got a better deal because I also got the 14-24mm, the 24-70mm, and the 80-400mm to go with it:)

    I know it sounds crazy, but electronics etc. are actually cheaper in Denmark, IF you can get the VAT reimbursed, by exporting to a non-EU country...
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  • Parke1953Parke1953 Posts: 456Member
    U.S.A, California I paid $3000 + tax I think June of 2012 at Bestbuy. It's been a great Camera. No problems but me. Wife got it for me as a retirement gift. Now if I can only get a $1000 more from her I would have enough for a 80-400mm. If it's what you need and you want it you pay whatever amount it costs or save till you can and maybe the price has dropped by then.
  • sidewayssideways Posts: 54Member
    D800 body in UK for £2,000 UK Pounds last December when the first price drop came along.
  • kyoshinikonkyoshinikon Posts: 411Member
    $1200 on eBay, but at 110,000 actuations I thought it was a good price. I needed a fullframe but cannot afford the D4 and will not get the the D600 so it was a good low cost option.
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  • mmfishmmfish Posts: 19Member
    D800 $2160 from Nikon, refurbished
  • PB_PMPB_PM Posts: 4,494Member
    D700 $2100 (new with trade in on an older camera)
    D800 $2300. It was lightly used by someone who felt totally overwhelmed by it. Purchased from a local dealer. Only 320 actions on the shutter. I thought about getting a refurbished unit, but they are going for about $2600 in Canada (might as well go for a new one at that price IMO).
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  • AdeAde Posts: 1,071Member
    Paid $3200 new for the "E" version in Canada last March. None of the dealers were willing to discount further, but one offered to include an extra Nikon battery, a no-name memory card (which I never use), and a 3rd party extended warranty (which is rather worthless). It was the same price at B&H so I bit the bullet.

    I noticed the "E" version is still priced around $3200 today so I'm glad I didn't wait for a price drop.
  • macsavageg4macsavageg4 Posts: 75Member
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    I picked up my D800 for full retail. Ordered it in Feb. a week or so after it was announced from Adorama and it showed up in July (of 2012). It was worth the wait and every penny it cost.
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