Aperture Question -- Now revised to include a file recovery question

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A series of shots I took yesterday and uploaded to Aperture all have the error symbol you see on the right of the EXIF info below. Shots I took both before and after don't have the symbol, and Google hasn't shed any light on what it means (It looks like some sort of upload error symbol, but they in fact uploaded fine). Any and all thoughts appreciated.


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    When you upload to Aperture, do you "store files" "in their current location", or "in the Aperture library"?

    I haven't seen the error message exactly in that location, but I have (by mistake) imported files directly from my cards, with the "in their current location" setting. This gives that sort of error, even though it looks fine. The reference file is then gone when you remove your cards, and all you are seeing is the thumbnail generated when you imported.

    Dbl. click on the thumbnail and you'll see if it then reads it from the library or wherever your referenced file is located. If that fails you know you made that mistake.
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    Thanks. Opens up fine when I click on the thumbnail, which is good because I believe I have the import settings set to moe the files to the Aperture library -- and I am pretty sure I've already re-formatted the card.
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    Ah -- but what I cannot do is edit the files. The histogram is missing and the adjustment options are grayed out. The metadata is all there, and it claims the files are RAW files. But I wonder whether all I've got are the jpgs. Thoughts?

    Thanks again.
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    P.S. Although I formatted the card, I did not overwrite it. Any thoughts on how to get the files back without spending a ton of money?
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    OK, then you probably imported the RAW files directly from the cards, and what you are seeing is "only" the JPGs generated during import - i.e. that's the 100s of gigabytes in your Aperture library, even when you import with reference...

    If you haven't used the card since format, you can unformat it. Are you on a Mac or on a Windows computer? And, the maker of you cards may have a utility on their website...

    On a Mac I would say try TechTool Pro.
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    There are plenty of packages, try one for free, and if it works, think about buying it, or take a look in newsgroups for freeware:)

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    All your photos that are lost from aperture can be restored, you just need to take certain precautions and follow every step carefully . You can get more info here which will guide you through a successfull recovery
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