tiny little gap in D4 viewfinder horizontal gridline... does anybody else have this?

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i had already asked this question in another thread, but since i clicked on 'answer accepted' in that one accidentally i fear that not much people are going to read it anymore....

so, i have a new D4 and in the viewfinder if i turn on the gridlines, there is a very small gap in the lower horizontal line. this line is divided in 4 parts by the vertical lines (plus 2 parts to the far right and left). but in the right of these 4 parts i have this really small gap i'd say exactly in the middle of that part of the line. the gap is about as wide as the line is thick. so you'll probably not notice it at first sight.

my question is: is this normal? does anybody (or everybody) else have this? or is it something like a pixel-error? i may be a bit oversensitive, but since the camera was a bit on the expensive side i want it to be 'perfect'...

i did take 2 pictures of what i mean but i cannot upload them here directly. but if you have the same gap in that line, you'll see it if you look carefully on the right of the 4 parts of the bottom horizontal grid line that are between the vertical lines.

i really appreciate your feedback - and sorry for bothering those with a second thread that had already answered to the first. thanks :)


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    The grid lines should display like this.

    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
  • geogregeogre Posts: 22Member
    thank you for you answer. but that was *not* what i was looking for. i know what the viewfinder should and does look like. the lines are all displayed like in your picture.

    i was talking about a *tiny* *little* *gap* in the lowest horizontal line and i wanted to know if anybody else has this. maybe gap is not the correct word? is it hole? or break?

    it must be something with my language, so i'll try to explain it again:

    * there are 3 horizontal lines and 5 vertical lines. ok?
    * the middle one of the 3 horizontal lines AND the middle three of the 5 vertical lines each have a (huge) gap to make room for the autofocus points
    * now my point, i am sorry that i cannot explain it in a different way: the bottom line of the three horizintals has a very little gap, hole or whatever in the 2nd right of it's 6 parts or segments or whatever you like to call them.
    * this gap is only as wide from one end to the other as the line is thick

    my apologies for my english. is there anything unclear in that description? is there any way i could describe it better?

    my question is: does anybody else also have this 'little gap' ?
  • PB_PMPB_PM Posts: 4,493Member
    There should be no gaps, or breaks in the lines.
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
  • fatrascalfatrascal Posts: 8Member
    Hi George,

    I know precisely what you mean.

    I bought a D4 on 4th of July this year and it has that gap in the grid line.

    To put it simply it is on the right hand side of bottom horizontal line, just before ( that is on the left side of) the right hand side vertical line.

    I wonder if I should put in a case with Nikon Support?
  • geogregeogre Posts: 22Member
    so, you have your D4 one day longer than i have mine ;)

    i asked the same question in another forum and got some more responses. they ALL have that gap on their D4. so i would say it's pretty normal.
    but if you're going to ask nikon i'd sure be interested to know why it's there...
  • fatrascalfatrascal Posts: 8Member
    I got a standard boilerplate response which I was expecting "I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulties with your Nikon product. It seems as though you may need to send it in to be serviced....."

    But I am glad to hear that its a "normal" defect in a 6k camera. Please let me know which other forum (you don't need to put a link, just spell it out) did you get this responses from, I want to get the nitty gritty before I decide to send it in.

    Thanks in advance.
  • geogregeogre Posts: 22Member
    it was in the german forum http://www.nikon-fotografie.de

    and they are quite sure that it is absolutely normal and no defect at all. i think that every D4 has this gap, so there's no reason to send it in.

    but if you do, let us know what they say. maybe there's an explanation what it's for?
  • fatrascalfatrascal Posts: 8Member
    I am going to trust the Germans they know a thing or two about engineering :-) I too came across several posts at couple of forums for D700 having the same issue.

    I am not going to send it in, it works just fine. Furthermore I did not even notice it until you pointed it out, and I looked for it specifically.

    I am just wondering why more people are not looking closely at the exact location and reporting it.
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