Any sign of an updated Nikkor 24 - 70?

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As above really. Canon have replaced their original 24 - 70 L with the MK II and it's supposedly their sharpest ever lens and certainly wipes the floor with the Nikkor 24 - 70. The Nikkor is pretty much identical to the mk I L 24 - 70 Canon - I know as I used it on the 5D mk III. Basically it's pretty soft in plenty of places especially at wider apertures and plenty of CA at 24 - 27mm. It has pretty much the same faults as the original Canon. In fact it is exactly identical in every way - including the way that the lens goes out at its wider end and flat at 51mm. I'm not saying it's a bad lens - it isn't but amongst the so called Trinity it's the weakest. It's sharp in the middle but generally far from it in the corners and even well into the frame on the D800. You don't need to pixel peep to see it. Sharpening using USM or smart sharpen in CS6 helps, but it is a professional lens and it is lagging behind Canon's 24 - 70 L II.

Why not get one up on Canon by producing an AF-S 24 - 70 f/2.8 VR? Any sign of it?
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    I have been coming to this site almost daily for 2 years and I cannot remember reading about a new one coming.
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    CA and softness at wide apertures are not something I have noticed with my 24-70mm F2.8G. If you are having softness issues you might want to fine tune the AF or get the lens checked.

    Nikon updates their pro lenses every 7-10 years, so don't expect a new 24-70 a few years yet.
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    To my knowledge, The Nikkor 24-70 f 2.8 has not been updated for almost 6 years now .Tamron and Canon already have their newer version of the lens. Maybe Nikon would have it updated in a year or two ...
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    LIke PB_PM said you might want to fine tune yours, mine is super sharp at all ranges over all apertures. I've never had a single problem with this lens at all, its my go to lens when I'm not sure which lens I want to use and always gets the job done.
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    Never notice a problem with my 24-70. Probably wouldn't be worth upgrading to a newer version, for me, anyway.
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    While it is not the mk2 my experience has shown it is much sharper than the mk1. fine tune it or get it checked out
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    @itsnotmeyouknow: As many have stated...get your lens checked out in relation to your body. The Nikon current 24-70 2.8 is fantastic and I have not see any of the softness you are talking about. Moreover, I disagree with the whole statement that Canon "wipes the floor" on the Nikon 24-70. A friend of mine that live in Huston, has both and has told me they are both very close. The three issue he dislikes about the new Canon 24-70 II is 1) all the plastic it has, specially around the filter and body; 2) lacks any image stabilization; 3) Price -- Canon sure did jacked up the price on the new one.

    As for when a new Nikon 24-70 comes prediction is that it is about 2 years. So in the mean time, spend you lens and body to Nikon and have them calibrate it to your body and then come back and give us some feedback.

    Good luck...
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    Canon have replaced their original 24 - 70 L with the MK II and it's supposedly their sharpest ever lens and certainly wipes the floor with the Nikkor 24 - 70.

    Why not get one up on Canon by producing an AF-S 24 - 70 f/2.8 VR? Any sign of it?
    I have not heard, experienced or been able to find anything supporting your statement. If not anything the reason Canon released a new version was because the Nikkor performed so much better than the Canon lens. The lens is only 6yrs old & I agree with others and PBPMs 7-10 year cycle so it will probably be at least 2-4 more years.

    As for VR, I wouldn't hold your breath. Canon didn't so it is doubtful Nikon will. Both companies seem to have convinced themselves that Standard range lenses below f/4 VR isn't needed. Most have concluded a VR 24-70 would be huge in size and cost due to the higher standards that come with the pro lines. Add 1lb to an already big lens and make the price north of $2000? Some would buy it, but not as many.

    The Tamron 24-70mm F2.8 VC is a very interesting option although I have read that it focuses slower on both Nikon and Canon bodies but not terrible by any means as the Nikkor snaps to place very fast.

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    I agree that you might wanna have a look at the Tamron 24-70/2.8. It's a very good lens overall and it doesn't even look bad compared to the new Canon 24-70/2.8 L II. Check and
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    As Ade pointed out we have a thread going on this subject.
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