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Whoa, my browser wouldn't refresh NR for like four days! I thought the place was deserted! Seems to be working again - happen to anybody else?
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  • Parke1953Parke1953 Posts: 456Member
    I have had this problem a few times in the last week or so but not that long (like minutes). A reboot always fixes it or close browser for a minute and reopen. I never turn my computer off except when we are going to have a lightning storm or on a long trip. I guess I should shut down more often, maybe.
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    No problem. I doubt it was your browser, most likely the DNS server you are using. Are you using your ISP's DNS or something better like OpenNDS?
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  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,322Moderator
    Never had it before, and as it was only NR that was affected (now that is bizarre), I assumed it was a problem with this site. Strangely, the PAD was gone and there were no new posts after Monday. It was like the guys on the meet-up had taken the site with them - LOL!

    I turn my PC off every night, I use the ISP's server and have a big fat UPS protecting it from the outside world. When I lived in France, storms anywhere within 30 miles would cause problems with printers blowing etc but since getting that UPS, I never had any problems even with overhead storms.

    I'm happy to accept that it was 'one of those things' that I'll never need to or want to understand - so long as it doesn't happen again!. :-<
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    Sounds very much like a DNS issue. Your ISP's DNS likely could not reach NR, thus the site would be unreachable for you. Shutting down your PC would have no effect on the Domain Name Server (DNS). I highly recommend not using your ISP's DNS, since they tend to be slow. I noticed a huge bump in speed when I switched to a third party DNS.
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    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    It's probably not a DNS issue. A DNS issue would typically result in "server/URL not found" type problems instead of a page refresh problem.

    It's more likely an issue with either the browser's cache, or a stale cache on the ISP's transparent proxy.

    Most browsers allow you to clear the cache and/or selectively force a page reload to help solve these types of issues.
  • FlowtographyBerlinFlowtographyBerlin Posts: 477Member
    To be honest, to me it feels like my browser hasn't been refreshing NRF for more than four days. But it's just the normal "everyone is on vacation" summer season. Not much happening on the forum.
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    @PB_PM: That sounds interesting, I will have to try to find out more about that.

    @Ade: You might be right because I restarted my PC and it refreshed on start-up.

    @FlotographyBerlin: LOL! That was my first thought and what I wrote first but after re-starting my PC, I edited and changed my post. :\">
    Always learning.
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    I also have had issues with NR, some this week with no refresh.
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