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Hi , i bought d 800 two days ago , yesterday i found this scratch inside the viewfinder on the "mirrow" ring . I cant see this scratch while i look inside the viewfinder.
So , is it very bad and will it spoil the photos and what from is it ? Should i take it back to the shop ( here in Russia it is a very big problem with returns ) or should stay with it and forget ? So it is rather sad (((
Pleas help
Thanks in advance



  • blandbland Posts: 812Member
    I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that scratch won't effect your picture. The bad news is that's not a D800, unless they made a model different for other countries. That viewer close-off lever in the upper left is different than what is on my D800.
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    bland if you hold yours at the same angle and use a magnifying glass it looks just like that. I think it the same lever as mine. You can unscrew the eyepiece and see if the scratch is on the glass of the eyepiece. A new one is about $40 here in the U.S.A.
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    G01dberG forgot one thing before you unscrew the eyepiece close the eyepiece shutter lever. I have done this a number of times to attach my 90 deg view finder.
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    Indeed, changing the eyepiece is simple, unless it gets turned in too tight. I think a replacement is cheap in any case.
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    Thanks for the replies , can you please help me to find this item on ebay or somewhere else , i mean the part that is broken in my camera ,i just want to know how this part of the camera looks like or maybe its number. Because it would be cheaper to buy it from Usa seller then here. Because for now i couldnt find it on the internet(
  • blandbland Posts: 812Member
    bland if you hold yours at the same angle and use a magnifying glass it looks just like that. I think it the same lever as mine.
    What I got thinking was Nikon could used different levers on the D800, depending on the supplier that makes the lever. My lever doesn't have that tail hook on it, it comes straight down.

    @G01dberG ... good luck in getting it fixed and sorry if I misspoke.

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    The eyepiece part is DK-17, usually costs less than $15 from B&H, Adorama, etc. (or from eBay).

    There are a few variants of the DK-17 you may be interested in (since you're replacing it anyway): DK-17M is a version with 1.2x magnification. DK-17A has anti-fog coating (but may be even more scratch prone). DK-17C has a corrective lens of various diopters (+1, -2, etc.)

    You may also want to replace the rubber portion of the eyepiece with the larger eyecup DK-19.
  • Parke1953Parke1953 Posts: 456Member
    Yes the DK-17 is $13.95 at B&H. The B&H # is NIDK17.
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    As the viewfinder cover has nothing to do with the quality of the images, and as it in many cases will accumulate dirt and other foreign material, unless this is impairing your vision, I would ignore it.

    If this was a new camera I would check the image number and make certain you actually have a new camera.
    Msmoto, mod
  • G01dberGG01dberG Posts: 3Guest
    Thanks , everybody . I have just seen another camera today in another shop , and t had this too , but in another place.i took it to the service center , they said that it just look like scratch , but it is glue . They said that some cameras have it more some less . Also they wrote about it to nikon with the picture. But they said there is nothing to worry about and it wouldnt effect the images or spoil smth else. Once again thanks
  • Parke1953Parke1953 Posts: 456Member
    You know it doesn't matter what we buy any more or where we buy it,the quality control stinks and we pay top dollar (or what your money type is) for it,and if something is wrong with it they just tell us, it's ok, won't hurt anything just take this crap and like it. Ok I'm done. No bad words yet, just a small one(sorry).
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    Regardless of whether it effects images or not, you should demand a new eyepiece, and if it is on the viewfinder, a replacement. You pay an outragous amount of money for a high-end camera, and you should expect the best.

    I have sent back Apple ACDs because of 2 bad pixels, and I put Apple and Nikon in the same catagory when it comes to customer care. I haven't had any issues with my Nikon gear, except for AF fine-adjusting,and Nikon is fixing this free of charge next time I am in Denmark...
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    Thankfully they don't manufacture our expensive camera equipment in Amsterdam Holland, hahaha.
    Or we'd all be in deep doodoo!! Just saying?
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  • PostmanPostman Posts: 59Member
    Just checked my D800. It has the same cracked effect.

    A new DK-17 won't help. The crack appears to be on a part behind the shutter cover, inside the viewfinder.

    So between you, me and the other one you've seen in a shop, this seem common. Any other D800 users here got something similar going on above their viewfinder?
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,398Moderator
    Here is what Nikon is reported to have said
    ""The scratch isn't really as scratch as we can tell but a reflection of the surface under the translucent mirror."

    More info at
    Msmoto, mod
  • PostmanPostman Posts: 59Member
    Thanks Msmoto but the scratch isn't a 'scratch' as described in that other thread and it's not on the mirror. I've just sent mine off to Nikon for an unrelated matter so I can't take picture but it's essentially almost identical to the image posted by the OP that was up top here (image gone).

    It's a (or what looks like) a small crack in a surface immediately above the eyepiece at the back of the camera. It's not the eyepiece and is on a surface just behind the eyepiece shutter on the roof of the pentaprism area. I'll post a picture illustrating the area on my D700 later.
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