How much video is in D800 buffer?

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A question was posted in the introductory thread.Hello all. Long time reader of NR. Long time Nikon user. Reaching out to the community today for some advice. Was shooting video w a D800 of a plane landing. I was in rhe center of the runway and far from where the plane would stop. Well, things didnt go as planned and now my carbon fiber RRS tripod, D800, and 70-200 are in about 6 pieces. (Unusual story and I'm sure you have more questions like "why???". Unfortunately I can't reveal any more about the situation.) The camera was running when the plane hit the tripod. The event caused the body to rip from the lens and all had about a 5 foot fall to a dirt landing. Camera lost power during the event and did not store the video to card. Camera will not power up now. I'm hoping the video is still in the buffer and that someone, either Nikon or a third party, can carefully extract it. Any ideas? Thanks,.
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    @trailshooter, The camera only buffers enough video to perform the compression before writing it to the card. When you stop recording, the camera takes a few moments to properly close the file and flush the few seconds of data from the buffer. I'd bet the footage is on the card, it just needs to be recovered. Essentially you have a "deleted" or "corrupted" file on the card with the data in it. First things first, do not write to, or format the card. Is this the CF or SD card? Next, take a look at this thread:
    You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.
    Also, it's good the camera didn't power up, because the first thing it will do is initialize and clear the buffer. However at most there will be a second or two in there if anything, most likley not worth the effort.
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    Actually, I think the buffer is a different type of memory from the memory cards, like DRAM in a computer and all information will be lost instantly the power is taken off the memory. SRAM like in SD cards is just too slow to act as a buffer.........
    Ver interested to find out what happened and how you can get a tripod on a runway that is actually in use....
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