how to fix the multi selector on a d7000

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I had taken my camera with me during a snow tubing session.  It was -10c.  I have used my camera at temperatures lower than this and it has worked like a charm.

But now I find only the left and down function of the mutli selector work. Even the OK button in the center is not responding.

Has anybody faced this issue? Any tips or quick fixes for this please.


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    Sorry about your camera, gauravd.

    I don't think the cold could do what you're describing. I suspect you may have gotten water in the buttons, but I don't know. Even without getting snow on it, coming into a warm environment can cause water to condense on/in the camera. 

    If it is water, one thing to try would be to put it in a plastic bag along with some dry rice, which will absorb the water. I have no qualms taking a hair dryer to electronics, too, though that bothers some people. I have three kids and have had numerous things dropped in the bathtub, run through sprinklers, even washed with clothes (okay that one was a flash drive and was my fault, but it still works). So far I haven't had anything permanently broken by water.
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