Nikon D300 light metering

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I have D300 and yesterday while shooting, I see on display Expos. Error. Who know, is it big problem? Manually camera working well...




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    Unfortunately it's likely a hardware failure and you'll have to take/send the camera to a repair shop or service center for an estimate.
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    I have had that happen a couple of times. I found if I removed the lens, wiped the contacts on the lens and reinstalled the lens the issue went away.

    I have a buddy who had that problem and he removed his battery and reinstalled and that cleared the issue.

    Good luck. Try these first before sending to Nikon.
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    Check your aperture lock on the lens if you are using an old lens. If it doesn't clean the contacts. Usually it is just dirty.
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    No, it's not an aperture lock or dirty contact problem.

    Aperture lock or dirty contact problems result in the common "fEE" error instead of the "auto exposure" error the @faateris is experiencing.

    Also, if it were an aperture lock / dirty contact issue, the camera will completely refuse to release the shutter because it cannot reliably control the aperture blades.

    Instead, with the "auto exposure" error, the camera disables the internal meter but it can still control the aperture. That's why it still works in manual mode as faateris mentioned. All the other modes (P, S, A) depend on metering, so they are disabled.
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    Error messages with unusual messages or bizarre letters can appear and are sometimes caused by external static electricity. With camera off, removal of the battery for a minute may correct this. I would suggest doing all the maintenance items like cleaning contacts, etc. before going to a service center.
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