Does VR degrade image quality?



  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    From the 18-200 lens manual:

    When the lens is mounted on a tripod, set the vibration reduction ON/OFF switch to OFF. However, set the switch to ON when using a tripod without securing the tripod head, or when using a monopod.
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    This is a very interesting and helpful discussion. Thank you all, I am enjoying it and learning from it.

    There has been much talk about slower shutter speeds, but only a few mentions of what to do at faster shutter speeds. I shoot a bit of sports action and I normally try for about 1/1000 to really freeze the action. I have normally kept the VR on, but earlier some had said it shouldn't be on for fast shutter speed. Can someone explain the logic or pros/cons there? Thank you!

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