D800 "Quiet" Mode: Is there any disadvantage (i.e. shutter life)?

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Hi all,

I just "discovered" the quiet mode on the D800, I had never bothered with it since it's not really quiet at all (as opposed i.e. to the 5D MkIII quiet mode). While I had it switched on just for the heck of it last night (taking family event pictures), I noticed the noise is not really any lower, but more pleasant and not as paparazzo style, which is nice in a family event context where you don't want to bother too much but still need to take many shots of one scene to get that one winner shot where people like themselves.

Now, I was wondering: Is there any downside of using the Q mode? I mean apart from the handling? I.e. does it put more strain on the shutter mechanism or something? Does anyone happen to know?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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    In Q mode, the shutter operates exactly as normal, so there is no extra strain on the shutter mechanism.

    What's different is the operation of the mirror. In Q mode, instead of resetting immediately after each frame, the mirror is held up until you let go of the shutter button.

    Try this:

    With the camera in Q mode, press and hold the shutter button. Then let go of the button. You can clearly hear the mirror resetting when you let go of the button.
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    Yeah, I know, although the release sound is indeed softer than when in normal mode. Was just wondering if there's any mechanical downside on using it heavily.
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    Nothing mechanically. Maybe a slight impact on battery life (from holding the mirror up) if used very heavily.
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    There is no downside. So use it in any venue you feel it calls for Q mode.
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