Custom Function a4 on Nikon D4

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Good day, I just got my Nikon D4 after selling my first D4 last year and I know lots of things changed following a few firmware updates.
So please be patient with me :-)

Mainly, I would like to know what is the normal(expected) behaviour in these settings as I read many versions from many people and still unclear!

- I have a1 set to Focus and a2 set to foci
- I have a4 set to off.

This is the behaviour of My D4.
SCENARIO A: If I trip the shutter even though it's out of focus, it will still snap the picture.
SCENARIO B: If I hold the AF-ON button to focus, it will only trip the shutter when the photo is in focus.

Now, why I ask the question, is the fact that I would of expected for camera not to trip shutter in any case that photo is not in focus. So in summary in my scenario A, I would of expected for camera not to trip the shutter

Please let me know what you think!



  • AdeAde Posts: 1,071Member
    With the a4 setting, the camera conceptually applies "focus lock" (AF-L) whenever the AF-ON button is not being pressed.

    It's designed this way because otherwise it would be impossible to "focus and recompose" when a1/a2 is set to focus. (Focus and recompose being one of the major uses of the AF-ON button.)

    Anyway, if you'd imagine that the camera automatically applying AF-L whenever AF-ON is released, the camera's behavior becomes clear.
  • paolotavernapaolotaverna Posts: 5Member
    Okay great! I've actually shot all day today and it's easy to get use to. At least I know it's normal behaviour!

    regards thx
  • Benji2505Benji2505 Posts: 522Member
    If I interpret your settings correctly, you only autofocus with the AF-ON button and the camera only releases when you have the in-focus-dot in the lower left corner. There should be no delay in autofocus when you hit the AF-ON button.
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