How to retrieve pictures that suddenly disappear in Nikon V1?

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Hello guys,

I need your help for this awkward situation. I'm using a Nikon V1 with memory card of 8Gb. For the past 3 days, I took over 200 pictures by the same card. Then my V1 was out of battery once. After recharging the battery, I find out that most of my pictures in the last 3 days have disappeared without any reason :(( I only have 94 pictures in the card now. I didn't even remove the card from the camera. Don't understand what happened and how could I get all of my pictures back. Really need your help! Thank you very much!


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    You'll need some kind of image recovery software. If you have some higher end Lexar or Sandisk cards they usually come with a license to some, otherwise you'll have to get a program yourself.
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    My sandisk extreme card i recently bought included a printed voucher that gave a serial number for RescuePro software..
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    that rescue pro software works well, i had 2 cards in the drawer that got corrupted by a dodgy reader and it recovered all the shots from both :D, well worth having on the computer just incase
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    Hmm, no offense but why should a dead battery result in losing images on the card? Any ideas? Maybe if it dies while you're shooting.
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    It happens some time that you can lose your data without any unexpected reason. To overcome from such kind of situation I will advise you to go for a data recovery tool like Remo recover. It helped me so many times to get back my lost data.
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    Hi, sorry to hear that, but don't be too worried about that, you can use this Nikon Photo Recovery to restore your lost photos. I have used it for years, it is really good to use.
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    When I faced this type of situation at that time this video really helped me, you can also give a try it:
  • When the battery is low, taking pictures is a dangerous action. When taking pictures, image data captured by camera chip (CCD or CMOS) will be processed by Nikon camera and then stored to the memory card. During the course of write operation, if the power is low, it may cause a memory card error, data loss or even damage the memory card.
    Hello, kuzco88! Have you ever taken new pictures with your Nikon after the accident? If not, then you have a great chance to recover lost pictures; otherwise lost photos may be overwritten and completely disappeared (unrecoverable).
    In addition, if you find lost photos with Nikon photo recovery software, remember to save them to your computer’s hard drive, do not re-stored them to the memory card of Nikon digital camera.
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