D3100 Screen Problem ( Video Mode ) | waves on screen

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hi there
i have a problem with my screen here .. today suddenly i see the waves [ i mean the lines going up like u see the monitor ( pc ) on movies ( old ones ) ] on my screen i though that it's because of the lights and it's normal and a few hours later i checked that again and figured out syh is wrong / for being sure about what happened is it from screen or the main part inside or not i capture a test video and watch it on Pc and i did see those waves again ..

1 ) This is a test Video uploaded here : http://www.mediafire.com/download/8zyzj5ryrgq1m5a/test.avi
2 ) DropBox Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/sqm38sa28h4500p/test.avi

what do u think about ? is that cause of the sensor ? is it going to be ok ? what i must to do ? ( repair or sth ? )
what should i do ?
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    What are your setting on the camera body? What lens?

    From what I can see, it maybe due to the lighting in the area you are shooting at.
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    In the setup menu look for "flicker reduction". Page 139 in the D3100 manual.
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    Looks like it could be fluorescent light flicker...
    Msmoto, mod
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    someone point on magnetic field ( if any ) and new gear i bought recently attract my attention Do you think this the main fact ?

    DSLR Rig Shoulder Mount Movie Kit

    im saying attract cause even that time this happened ( and then a day after that it was fixed automatically ) and then today again i put the camera on it for shooting a sample scene but after taking 5 mins ( about ) the waves came again :| !

    Read more: http://nikonites.com/d3100/17179-d3200-d3100-screen-problem-video-mode-|-waves-screen.html#ixzz2hFR3AjSx


    the Kit i bought from shops recently is exactly this stuff on the amazon :
    >>>> Link <<<<
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