Wide / Ultra-wide for D800 suggestions

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Hello all, I know this is a question that has been asked before, but after looking through previous threads, none of them are specific to the D800 and are up to date, (and by up to date I am referring to the new-ish addition to the FF ultra-wide / wide family 18-35G lens. If such a tread exists, with this data, could you please redirect me.

My question is that I would like to know what you feel is one of the better wide angle lenses for the D800, I have looked at various reviews across the internet and have looked at all the DXO marks, but I have been following this forum for a number of years and have grown high respect for its members and regular posters, and have seen some stunning wide / ultra wide shots on the photo-a-day thread.
Landscapes are my primary focus here, and I would like to stay in a family of lens that i could put a filter on...
I have been aware of the prime vs. zoom debate and wanted to know your opinion on that for landscape / wide shooting?
Price would like to be kept sensible (around 1000$) but i can be persuaded to a higher budget, if you truly feel that the quality of a lens would warrant its high price (cough.. cough.. zeiss glass)
is the new 18-35G lens worth it? it has seemed to 'score' higher than the 16-35 and is cheaper? anyone have any info on this?

Thank you all for your input, sorry if this is a bit long winded, though i know the pain when people can ask complex questions without stating what they really want.

Cheers everyone - I greatly appreciate your advice on this matter.
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