D5200 video not steady?

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Hello, I have 2 D800's and a D5200 as an extra-shot camera. I use them all for video.
The video out of the D800 is rock solid steady, but the video from de 5200 'shakes', as if it receives a vibration in a certain rhythm.
I went to a local dealer and their D5200 from the shelve has the same 'feature'.
We compared this also with a new D7100 which has a perfect moving still, just like the D800.
You have to look close (and long) and you wont notice it when the camera is hand-held.
Im wondering if anybody has seen this before with their D5200. Thank you. Regards.

(my D5200 has been sent off to Nikon..but I have serious worries about this being fixable)
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    Two thoughts. Is flicker reduction being used on any of the cameras? One also has to consider that the D5200, like other lower end Nikon cameras, forces noise reduction, which could have an effect on how the video appears.
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    Thank you for thinking with me, but to my knowledge flicker reduction is only effective on the monitor and not the recorded video ("...Flicker and banding visible in the monitor under fluorescent or mercury vapor light during live view or movie recording can be reduced using the flicker reduction function...." ) but have to say that I didnt test that although tests in daylight and fluorescent gave the same results. For your second suggestion: that would be strange and make the video in the camera unusable. The whole image shifts in a certain rhythm, as if the sensor gets a kick a little bit. Id sooner think it has something to do with pal/ntsc...but I honestly have no idea. Regards
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    My notion to flicker reduction has to do more with cycles (as in 50/60 cycles) in AC settings electrical regions, 60 cycles in the US, 50 in Europe and some others.

    It will definitely have an impact in lighting and in playback under some circumstances.

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    I have experienced shakier footage with my D3100 than when I tested video out on the D800. I don't know why, but I'm sure it has to do something with the build or something. :-/
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    Weight. Heavier cameras are steadier, all things being equal.
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