any1 have Nikon PB-6E for sale ?

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I'm looking for Nikon PB-6E (extender for the bellows). If any1 have one for sale, please contact me.


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    Have you thought of using a pb-6 + EXT TUBE SET to get closer?
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    Sale of items is not permitted on this forum, anyone doing so could be banned. (Just a warning to anyone who might replay, so PM the user if you do).
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    Hi schlangetier, Before you start parting with your money using the PB-6 E coupled with the PB-6 bellows The combination have limited uses, I own both and use the special Nikkor Bellows 105mm F4 lens, Due to the serious lack of DOF even with this dedicated bellows lens. Unless you want super magnification on a very small area i would not bother. The PB-6 normally covers this kind of macro photography with appropriate Nikon lenses. Perhaps you could indicate what you intend to photograph. I bought mine on Ebay after waiting several months before one came for sale.
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