d600 $1,325 Refurbished at Roberts Camera as an eBay Deal of the Day

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eBay is doing a refurbished d600 DSLR Camera Body only for $1,325 as an eBay Deal of the Day. I missed out back in September and have been talking with Robert in Indianapolis ever since. Here is the link: Nikon D600 24.3MP Digital SLR Camera Body USA WARRANTY FREE SHIPPING ROBERTS!.

As you may know, eBay heavily subsidizes the Deals of the Day to draw traffic. Robert is 99.5% positive in 27,309 sales on eBay and often gets one to four Deals of the Day a month. Yesterday Robert sent me a note that eBay might do the d600 as a Deal of the Day. I called them back and found that if it was accepted, they would have 43 d600's. They would be selling for $1,599 as regular eBay items if they were not subsidized as a Deal of the Day or a Frenzy Deal. eBay late last night took these d600's as a Deal of the Day. 8 9 11 are gone so far. One is going to me.

I spoke with a lead tech at Roberts and another at Adorama about the d600 dust/oil spots problems. I called these because they both sell a ton of refurd'ed Nikon product. Both say that once the story broke here some months ago, they got a bunch of d600 in for sensor cleaning. Some legitimately needed to be cleaned but others did not. All were cleaned in house at both shops. Both say that the refurbs they sell almost never get the spots but both sell the sensor cleaning kits. Both also said that the refurbs may have shutter actuation, but some may have only one. If a company begins wholesaling a product for a lower price, they may have to protect existing dealers with subsidies. If they sell them as "refurbished" they do not.

I have been a lurker on this site forever but wanted to post this. If the link is not allowed, just search eBay for 200979606851 or "nikon d600 roberts". I have no affiliation with Roberts or eBay except to be a customer of both for some time.

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