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I'm pretty sure the AF motor in my wife's 55-300 has died. I've tried cleaning the contacts. Other lenses AF just fine on her D90.
Manual mode is OK... no focus markings (!) but at f/11 to f/14 the images are OK.
No, it's not under warranty.

Option 1: Just got off the phone with Nikon Canada. If it's the motor, which of course they can't diagnose on the phone, it's $163++ ... call it $200.

Option 2: New copy, Digital Rev, $290.

Option 3: Do I dare to try to buy the part and install it myself? How hard is that to do? I've never even opened an AF lens and looked inside. Leaning to just buying a new copy unless you guys can talk me into this.

Option 4: local repair... does not really exist in my town. They'd be sending it in.

Spend my money! I know, I know, she should upgrade, or get a V1 on the cheap, or something, but as it sits this lens is exactly what she wants for her photography. Light, 5x range, and the image looks fine online. She has absolutely no idea why somebody would pay 6x the price for a lens that is much heavier with much less focal range (70-200 f/2.8 VRII). No idea at all. So...

...please advise.



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    They've only been making this lens since 2010, so should still be covered under 5 year warranty. Otherwise get a new copy, I'd also consider the 70-3000.
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    I own both the 55-300 Nikkor and the 70-300VR and say Ironheart is RIGHT the 70-300VR is BETTER. But the 55-300 focuses quite a bit closer! I HOPE you can get this lens fixed and IT SHOULD BE STILL COVERED by warranty. Send it in ASAP.
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    Lads, thanks. It's not under warranty. Something of an impulse buy in Argentina a couple years ago when the missus didn't like what I'd packed. Turns out it's the Greatest Lens Ever(tm).
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    @shawnino: The one advantage of having the lens repaired by Nikon is that they will make sure all the optics are in perfect working order; hence, no AF issues throughout the focal length. Make sure you inform them that you want this to be done. From the looks of it, this also seems to be the more cost effective way vs. buy a replacement. But should you decided to go the latter part, have you looked on ebay for a new/good used on?
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    Chuck it into the trash and get a new one, upgrade or even move up to a 18-300vr.

    You might check the warranty on it though.
    Option 3: Do I dare to try to buy the part and install it myself? How hard is that to do? I've never even opened an AF lens and looked inside. Leaning to just buying a new copy unless you guys can talk me into this.
    It is very doubtful you could get the part, (Nikon has changed many terms on new system parts) and even more doubtful that you could fix it. Fixing old lenses is not easy, the new ones are impossible unless you have the tools. I have some tools to fix old MF lenses and those cost me $150 alone. Then you would have to get it all aligned as well, which will cost you at least $40 + postage. I wouldn't even think of trying to fix any AFS lens.

    Local repair shops usually just send it out to another store that actually fixes lenses. Very few will touch the new AFS consumer stuff.

    AFS Consumer lenses are not made to be "rebuilt" but to just work, die and be thrown away. Even if you get it fixed by Nikon, It is more likely to have more issues down the road.
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    At B & H they had a refurbished model for about $240.
    Msmoto, mod
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