Where do i look for an affordable photographer in Las Vegas?

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I appreciate it very much if you can point me in the right direction. I've never been there so, any help, tips, or suggestions are deeply appreciated.

Thank you.
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    Should not be difficult to find a photographer in Vegas that will work cheap. The hard question is would you want to hire them?

    Could you tell us about what you want photographed? That might help.

    I would not hire any photographer unless I could look at their portfolio. That may be more then just looking at what they have on their webpage. If you can find a photorgrapher who has taken simular pictures and you like their work, it is reasonable to expect that they will to a simularly good job with your pictures.

    Unfortunately, affordable enough and good enough are two qualites only you can determine. I think finding a good inexpensive photographer will take a bit of searching and should include physically meeting with and talking to the photographer.

    Good luck with it.

    Check out "youarenotaphotographer.com" and don't pick any of those guys. LoL
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    Yeah, what Thomas said. "Affordable" is relative, and will depend heavily on what you want photographed. Wedding, commercial product, children, models needed, etc. Without more info from you it seems it would be hard to say much of anything; unless, perhaps, I was a photographer in Las Vegas.

    I am not.
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    One goes to Google and puts in "Las Vegas photographers". Then decide from the many listed. You can then Google each name with "reviews" after it and you will get some feedback.
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