LCD screen locking up on SB-800

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Over 3 years ago I was given a SB-800 from a friend due to himself upgrading to the SB-910 and the LCD screen having a crack on it slowly leaking.... I used it from time to time but then the screen got so bad you couldnt see anything on it so I put it away.... until recently when I decided to get it fixed.

I sent away for a new LCD screen and followed an online tutorial step by step to replace the screen. Everything seemed fine and I was happy with the result until I went into the select screen and tried to put it into remote or SU-4 mode, in remote the screen freezes and the only way to get it out is to take out the batteries and in SU-4 mode there is a beep sound and the flash goes off once before freezing.

I would like to get this flash fully functional again so any help or advise you could give would be great.

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    No idea about how to fix it. Perhaps you could send it to an authorised repair agent.
    That being said it might cost as much to have it repaired as to buy a new one.
    Also note that the content of an LCD screen is highly toxic!
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