In Clean room, Oil issue Experiment for D600, D7100 and D800

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HI I have registered Nikon rumors just before to post this.

I am Korean Nikon D800 user who feels Nikon should do something about oil spot issue on D600.

I would like to let more people know what one of slrclub(the biggest slr related community in Korea) member did.

Basically he (slrclub id:Felicis) did experiment to figure out whether some unknown spots on image sensor of D600 has come from outside of camera or not.

Since Nikon Korea has said that unknown spots are from outside of camera, Felicis chose 'Clean room' which is made for semiconductor research in Seoul National University(one of the highest reputed University in Korea) to prevent outsourced unknown dust.

So here is the link roughly translated by google.

He tried the experiment not only D600, but also D7100 and D800 because D7100 is also well-known body showing alot of scratch on shutter curtain and D800 is for control group.

If I roughly explain how Felicis did,

1. Felicis visited Nikon service center to clean up image sensor. He has asked cleaning more carefully and it has taken 1 hour for 3 bodies.

2. He has wrapped all bodies immediately right after cleaning to prevent dust from outside.


3. He went to Clean room in Seoul University semiconductor research lab with wrapped bodies and did experiment for 30 min while he dressed up dustproof cloth.



4. He has shot

2000 times on D600 + 85.8g closed lens caps, and recorded as raw at the beginning and every 500 times. (originally the D600 has 8000 times actuation before experiment)

2500 times(mistake but supposed to 2000 times) on D7100 + 50.8g closed lens caps, and recorded as raw at the beginning and every 500 times. (originally the D7100 has 2200 times actuation before experiment)

1000 times(2000 times would be better but he just bought second hand which recorded 1200 before, so I understand..:) ) on D800 + 85.8g closed lens caps, and recorded as raw at the beginning and every 500 times. (originally the D800 has 1200 times actuation before experiment)

His shooting setup was A4 paper with f/16, 1/60sec, internal flash fired when his every 500th shot.

5. He has marked black circle as existed unknown spots when he has found at the beginning of shot, and red circle as new spots after all shots (2000 times on D600, 2500 times on D7100, 1000 times on D800)

D600 result after 2000 shots

D7100 result after 2500 shots

D800 result after 1000 shots

I (GreatEntrepre) understand that he has also recorded all process as video.

From his experiment, we can find that D600's result shows alot of new unknown spots and D7100 has some, too. And D800 has showed 5 new spots after 1000 times shots.

In addition, 65 of Nikon Korean users has official lodged a complaint about damaged product with Korea Consumer Agency (which is government organization for consumer protection).

I hope that this kind of complaint movement would arise globally and systematically instead of individual request to change Nikon's unprofessional attitude toward consumers.

Thanks for reading.
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    There is nothing in this "test"....clean room or not. We all know about the issues the D600 in relation to dust spots, thus this is mute. As for the other two all mean get your hands on any other manufacture (Canon, Sony...etc...etc) body and conduct the same test...I'm willing to put money down that such dust spots will show up on them as well.

    Dust getting on a sensor is just part of life. DSLR owner need to educated themselves in how to clean it. It is not rocket science.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Topic closed.
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