Low light without flash needing fast speeds

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I have been asked to do some images at a Boxing Event, A first for me , I have the D3x [Not the fastest camera} Pro Lenses. Cannot use flash, low light with different colour casts I need to be capable of catching the speed of the boxers, If anybody is familiar with this type of Photography any help would be appreciated, I appreciate shutter priority high ISO but what are the best setting for fast autofocus without tracking or hunting. I will be ringside.
Probable lenses will be 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8
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    Ive shot pro mixed martial arts in very low light. Iso at 2500 aperture wide open. Manual settings, continuous Af, raw processing.
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    Fightnight in Kuala Lumpur

    D4, ISO 4000, 1/1000 sec, f/4,8

    Make sure you shoot in RAW as Kyoshinikon says.

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    Thanks for the link TaoTejared,The conclusion I have made is that when you are pushing your camera/lens to the limit, not only have you to consider exposure but what fine tuning can be done to get the best focus from the camera/lens combination under the given conditions. Tom Hogan goes into great detail in his book on the D3 D3s D3X with regard to how to get a particular setting to suit a condition. Changing from Continuos to single shooting alters the way the camera uses it's focus points. using less focus points also speeds up the focus time

    It's this fine tuning that makes the minuscule of difference, All camera/lenses work to basic protocols but no two cameras are the same. The only way to achieve the required result is to pre test under similar conditions before the actual event you are trying to shoot.That way you have the time to change settings so that the maximum results hopefully can be achieved.

    Thanks for all your information.
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