D600 w/ External Recorder for Long Video

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Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere - but I can't seem to find answers anywhere including google.

I have a D600 in addition to regular large format HD film cameras. I want to start using my D600 for some of my larger shoots, but most are theatrical or dance and need to record for over an hour in a clip. Im fine purchasing a Ninja 2 and I understand all about how that works--

BUT --

My big question is - can i leave the camera in live mode that long? Is that safe for the sensor? Am i going to run into overheating issues or anything like that or do people do this all the time and I'm just being stupid :)



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    Sounds like a question for Nikon to me. I know there were restrictions on the time you could run video a while back, but I don't know about the latest generation of bodies.
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    One of the reasons why DSLR with video facility were only up to 29.59 minutes was due to import duty in some countries the difference between camera classification and a Video camera where the import duty on a video camera was higher. If your using the Ninja 11 not sure why you would want to leave your camera setup in live view when you can see the image in the Ninja. The Samurai Blade may suit your intended use better, it as a larger superb screen with excellent colour reproduction, the whole unit is set up for professional use and offers better resolution production.
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    I haven't used a DSLR with an external recorder, but regardless of the status of the rear LCD, the sensor is still active. Thus over time it would get rather hot. IIRC the higher end Nikon cameras require it to be shut down at least once an hour to prevent overheating.
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    Hi all,

    @ cymmedia - You shouldn't have any trouble with overheating during a recital with your camera. I've recorded scenes with a D7000 back to back over 2 1/2 hours using the AC converter (which I would recommend) and didn't turn the camera off without overheating.

    The HDMI output is suppose to be superior, but I have no experience with it.

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    thanks everyone for the great advice - and @paulr for the great video too - will let you know how it goes next weekend.
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