Can the d600/d610's framerate be increased.

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So my friend has a d700 and if he puts the battery grip on it he can get 2 frames per second higher (he says it's because the camera then runs on higher voltage. I think he is also using a grip for a different nikon, but one that still works with the d700).

Anyway is there anyway that the d600 or the d610s framerate can be improved through a similar process?


  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    No. The D600 has 5.5 fps, and the D610 has 6 period. There is no speed boost regardless of which batteries, grip or no grip, etc... Only way to change this would be to hack the firmware, or change the shutter (like Nikon did in the D610). Page 83 in the manual.
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    Hack the firmware? You mean, put it in the freezer and hope for overclocking effects?
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    No, like:

    This is assuming that the 5.5 fps is somehow artificially enforced and the hardware may be capable of a faster speed, say 6 fps like the D610. The conspiracy theorist in me says that the 5.5 fps was an artificial limitation to try and keep the dust down, and that the only thing that changed was better quality control and they were able to boost to 6 because of that :-)
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    That makes total sense. Because between the d600 and d610 there is absolutely no physical differences between the cameras?
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    Things aren't as simple as you think Luigi. The shutters are probably different enough between the D600 and D610 (due to the reason for the D610's early release being the D600 dust problem) that the D610's new shutter was able to do 6 whereas the D600 only 5.5. If you haven't read the thread, look around here it is still on the first page or two of the forum.
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    Re: D700 rame rate. With the addition of the MB-D10 grip, the frame rate can be extended to 7 FPS. P. 299 of the manual. This is the normal set up.
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