Will there be a Df2 and what do you want Nikon to fix on it?

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So, this is obviously very much an unknown at this point in time, but the release of the Df has started to get me wondering a couple things about Nikon's camera plan in the future. Who things the Df going to be a one off or that they'll make a revision and keep a camera line like this around?

Also since the Df just was announced days ago... what about it would you change in a revision? For me the Df is almost flawless except for 3 huge glaring issues. 1) The shutter dial is totally useless and defeats its own purpose. In order to access 1/3 steps of shutter speed you have to set it to the blue 1/3 setting and then use the rear thumb command wheel to adjust your shutter T_____T I think that they limited themselves too much to the aesthetic of the FM2's shutter dial and they could have created a more functional dial that still fulfilled the aesthetic requirements they were aiming for. 2) The locks on the dials need to be toggles like how a pen clicks. For the shutter dial the lock could have been fine and something you'de get use to and love. But for the ISO and EV Comp dials they totally botched it. The lock button on top of the dials is for the less used EV Comp wheel and the one slightly out of the way (down and left near the Made in Japan letters) is for the ISO... again, really Nikon? Now you can change the EV Comp easily with one hand, but you need two hands to change the ISO... something you'll want to do way more often and on the fly. 3) Overpriced by $1.3k, I'm sure producing all of those dials to the level of quality Nikon sets will be expensive... but for a camera without a video chip, it's hard to justify next to the d610/d600.

The only other thing is that it's not a full steel body and just has a a steel lens mount on a plastic frame (I know the top and rest of it are steel) but I'll admin that Nikon knows more about this part of the design of it than me and give them this one; they've no doubt done stress testing and certified this as durable/meets the Nikon standard?

so how about all of you? I'm also wondering how you control the aperture of a lens when you want to set the shutter dial to 1/3 and have to use the rear dial for shutter speed. Also what does the dial on the front do?


...okay, so I've since seen footage of the top dials in action. The ISO wheel looks accessible with one hand. Apparently that front dial controls your aperture. When the shutter wheel is set to 1/3 the rear thumb wheel works the shutter speed, but what does that rear thumb wheel do normally?

Also... it seems crazy that nikon couldn't fit all of the 1/3 steps on the shutter wheel when they fit them all on the ISO wheel (The dash under the ISO number is for the full step and the . either side is the 1/3 step)
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    Technical hurdles aside, it would be neat to see a camera like this sold without a sensor and a variety of FX sensor pop-in kits, like CPUs in a PC.

    That way one could keep a body (swapping firmware and sensor when desired) and maintaining an aesthetic that 'worked' for many, many years and no one could give you a hard time for being a hipster because, well, it would be the most forward-thinking body concept to date. ;)

    This concept isn't my idea or new, but I think the Df presents a novel opportunity to execute it.
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    With all do respect luigi454, the argument of a Df2 is way to early, given that so many end user have still not had their hands on the full production model shipping out soon.

    Lets pick this conversation backup in a year or so once we have sufficient data and input from the owners.

    Topic closed.
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